January 29, 2022

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Nissan: There is another electric shortcut along the way. Coming from the UK – magazine – car

Nissan Leaf and Aria got another sibling. It may be an electric shortcut made in the UK. This will be part of a massive investment of 1 1 billion, including the production of batteries.

Photo: Nissan

Nissan – Sketch Crossover 2021 Nissan is investing 1 1 billion in the UK in the production of electric cars and batteries. It avoids customs duties when exporting vehicles from Sunderland to European markets. This also applies to the upcoming shortcut.

Nissan has decided to invest ஒரு 1 billion to accelerate its transition to carbon neutrality. The project was named EV36Zero. It aims to create the world’s first electric vehicle manufacturing environment. The hub will be Nissan’s manufacturing plant in Sunderland, where another electric shortcut will disappear. 3 423 million will be invested in its growth and production.

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The innovation is based on the CMF-EV electric platform, which is already in use by Nissan Aria and will soon be supported by the new Renault Meghan. In the UK, it will create more than 900 jobs directly at the plant and create 4,500 subcontractors. We can only imagine with a single sketch the new crossover that suggests an attractive SUV coupe with large wheels and a different roof.

Some media believe it may not be Nissan’s third electric car, but Leaf’s more attractive successor. It must be fitted with a new generation of batteries, which will also be manufactured in the UK. EV36 Zero’s vision includes the construction of a new battery plant, again in Sunderland with an annual capacity of nine GWh, to meet the needs of 100,000 electric cars per year.

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After Nissan, Brexit has nothing to invest in this country. The agreement, concluded with the EU last year, allows cars to be traded only on the condition that at least 40 per cent of the value of the vehicle exported to Britain be produced in its territory. From 2027, this share will increase to 55 per cent, which means that batteries imported to British factories will have a negative impact on the performance of British cars in the EU.