November 28, 2021

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Nikon has a new flagship, the Z 9 is coming

Nikon has a new flagship, the Z 9 is coming

Nikon’s most advanced mirrorless camera to date has expired. The manufacturer also offers the latest lenses.

Nikon introduced the flagship Z 9 camera as an important step forward in the field of photography. It has a multi-layered, full-frame CMOS sensor of up to 45.7 megapixels and an ultra-fast EXPEED 7 processor. It is equipped with the most advanced autofocus and Nikon’s 3D tracking system, ready for 8K video at up to 120 fps with autofocus and exposure metering.

Source: Nikon
Nikon Z 9 and its memory card slots

Along with the Z 9, Nikon introduced the NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR S lens, the first Z series super-telephoto zoom lens and the FTZ II bayonet adapter, which provides better ergonomics compared to the previous FTZ bayonet. Electric switch.

The Z 9 is designed for wildlife, sports, and photojournalists. It requires a high-quality electronic viewfinder, autofocus and excellent processing along with high durability. The Z 9 is also for professional fashion and commercial photographers and video creators.

Nikon Z 9 with 24-70 . lensSource: Nikon
Nikon Z 9 with 24-70 . lens

Z 9 main functions

Autofocus and 3D tracking

The 493-point AF system includes 405 AF points with automatic field selection, which is five times more than the Z 7II. 10 autofocus modes allow you to optimize the autofocus. AI supports the detection of up to nine different types of objects simultaneously. This system, along with 3D tracking, will help you to capture different moments. From people and their attributes through animals to vehicles. The Z 9 understands what you’re shooting and responds instantly to a change in the subject’s position, direction or speed.

Nikon Z 9 with lensesSource: Nikon
Nikon Z 9 with lenses

New video options

The image performance of the Z 9 allows you to record 8K 24p – 60p and 4K 24p – 120p and time-lapse movies directly into the camera. Single 8K videos at 30p can be up to 125 minutes long, which is the longest time among current mirrorless cameras. It also supports the ProRes 422 HQ format required today by video producers up to 4K 60p. The announced firmware update will allow video recording in RAW 8K format at a smooth frequency of 60p. Full-frame AF/AE and AF with eye detection are available for shooting, and Nikon’s new N-RAW format allows you to achieve an acceptable file size.

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high speed

You can capture more than 1,000 RAW images at once in full resolution at 20 frames per second. It is possible to shoot up to 120 fps at 11 MP in JPEG with AF/Full AE in the new C+ mode. The high speed of reading data from the sensor virtually eliminates the effect of the “rotary shutter” so much that it was possible to remove the mechanical shutter. Shutter speeds of up to 1/32000 sec, combined with the camera’s ability to shoot at ISO 64, allow for a high depth of field even when shooting in extremely bright lighting conditions.

Uninterrupted real time image

The Z 9 features a 3000 rivet electronic viewfinder display and dual-stream technology for lifelike, uninterrupted shooting. The Z 9 display provides continuous real-time display.

Ergonomics and durability

Other early Nikon Z 9 include a tilting four-axis monitor (vertical and horizontal) that allows photographers to adapt to the moment and mount quickly and flexibly. The camera ergonomics, such as the button layouts, have been redesigned and improved with the motivation of professional photographers. The D9 is also better than the Z9. The new AF-mode button allows you to switch between AF mode and AF mode even while shooting via the viewfinder, while the top and rear screens and control buttons can be illuminated with a single movement of the switch. Excellent especially when working in the dark.

FTZ 180-400 . LensSource: Nikon
The Z 9 is an FTZ 180-400 . lens

objective NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f / 4.5 – 5,6 VR S

The NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5 – 5.6 VR S lens focuses quickly and quietly, allowing you to precisely track fast-moving subjects. The 100-400mm zoom range and optical performance provide excellent results in a wide range of situations, whether the subject is relatively close or far away. In addition, a powerful virtual reality system equivalent to 5.5 EV allows you to shoot manually at slower shutter speeds without image distortion. The shortest focus distance is only 0.75m at the shortest focus zoom and 0.98m at full zoom.

Z 100-400 . lensSource: Nikon
Z 100-400 . lens

FTZ II . Bayonet Adapter

The FTZ II bayonet adapter offers better usability compared to the current FTZ bayonet adapter. It supports approximately 360 AI NIKKOR F lenses and allows current NIKKOR F lenses to be used with Z series cameras. The FTZ II bayonet adapter can be used with vertical grip and many movie shooting accessories and allows the lens to be replaced without removing the camera from a tripod.

DrOther Camera Features Z 9

  • Compact body: 20% smaller than the D6, with a deep grip for a secure hold in both landscape and portrait shooting
  • The camera frame, made of magnesium alloy, ensures a balance between strength and light weight
  • Comprehensive isolation keeps your camera, Z series lenses, and bayonet adapters safe no matter the environment
  • Conductive surface treatment creates a magnetic field that expels dust particles from the sensor
  • Native ISO sensitivity ranges from 64 to 25600 (expandable to 32 – 102400 equivalent) with advanced noise reduction algorithm and in-camera flicker reduction function

Z 9 available In the price 5599 €, NIKKOR Z 100-400mm f/4.5 – 5.6 VR S. €2799 And the FTZ II bayonet adapter has a price 269 ​​€

resources: Nikon

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