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NHL – Martin Chromiak shines among kings’ hopes

3.10.2021 12:34

Martin Kromiak achieved all the goals he went on to achieve at the Los Angeles Kings camp. He shined among the newcomers, then also featured in competition for the club’s top players.

Management rewarded him with a three-year junior contract. Immediately after signing, the 19-year-old winger flew to Canada. He would like to help his Kingston Frontenacs win the junior OHL title.

MARTIN CHROMIAK shone among the kings’ hopes and approached the NHL again

Try telling us more about signing a newbie deal with the Kings. Did you expect it?

“I went into the season and said I wanted to win a contract because after that, L.A. would lose my rights to me. I was glad it came so soon and I wouldn’t have to think about it during the year.”

Did they justify your signature?

“I’ve been told that since April, when I was last here, I’ve made incredible progress on and off the ice. Mainly working on strengthening and gaining muscles, which I did. I’ve met the expectations of management. I made a great start with rookie camp, and I’ve also performed I did well in the Youth Players Championship and then in the main camp, where I got a chance in a preparatory match for the National Hockey League.”

In Slovakia, fans viewed you as a shooter, and in the camp they praised your ability to create a game. How did you see that?

“In the camp, they focused on everything, not just shooting and attacking. The AHL taught me what I had never tried before in Slovakia. The main thing is to work with a hockey stick, how to take pucks. At the last meeting, they assured me that everyone here can play hockey, shooting and skiing. , but it’s about the details. Over the summer, I got better at that and stood out from the others, so maybe the signing came.”

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Could the fact that you played for the AHL at the end of last season help the decade?

“I guess that was one of the main things. I didn’t go into the new and the unknown anymore. I knew what lay ahead. I wasn’t nervous.”

Kings have several stars. Interested in anyone specific in the main camp?

“Of course, it was a great experience to be in the booth with players like Anže Kopitar, Drew Doughty or Jonathan Quick. They won the Stanley Cup and had a lot of success. Seeing them train was a great experience. Everyone immediately asked me if I knew Marian Gaboric, because he won with them. by the NHL race. After signing, Mago also sent me a congratulatory text message.”

You will return to the junior contest. How do you feel about it?

“Since I was only 19 in August, I can only play in the NHL or in the rookies. The 20-year-olds go to the AHL by agreement. I was expecting to go to the rookies. I signed the contract and am already at Kingstone. The Frontenacs have never won an OHL race and would like to change that this year. We have a great staff and excellent conditions to succeed. I am very happy to be here. In my first year at the club we were among the worst in the league, now it will be different.”

The climax of the season will also be the Under-20 Championship. Do you expect more pressure on you?

“I’m really looking forward to it, because it’s been in the ‘bubble’ for the first year. I think there will be fans in the arenas now. We have a good squad but we have to go into the tournament modestly.”

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Have you thought about the men’s national team?

“Now I will mainly focus on what awaits me outside. Then there will be a world championship in twenty years. We will see what comes next.”

Individual exercises helped

Martin Chromiak was also helped to sign for the L.A. Kings with one-on-one coaching with skill coach Peter Bohunický.

“I’m very happy with that, partly because it’s an award for my robot, where Martin and I have been working for a long time. We’ve been very involved in figure skating for the last two or three years. Disc driving, opponent bluffing, dribbling maneuverability. I love the way Martin always wants to see The fire is at the end of training and he doesn’t care that it’s midnight, because sometimes we only have snow at that time,” Said coach who also helps Andre Seker or other players.