December 7, 2021

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Netflix has made five mobile games available to subscribers around the world

Netflix has made five mobile games available to subscribers around the world

From now on, Netflix users around the world can play mobile games from the US broadcasting company’s workshop on their smartphones. They will need the Android operating system for this. There is no additional fee for subscribers and the game will not be accompanied by advertisements. by yourself the web Netflix mentioned.

So far, there are five games on offer, two of which are based on the mysterious Netflix series Stranger Things. The company promises to increase their number. Reuters said offering free games to existing subscribers reiterates the company’s strategy to transition from the mail-based DVD business to streaming movies.

The BBC News Server writes that the early games feature relatively simple graphics and are not difficult to play. However, Netflix claims that this is a very early stage and that they plan to create games for “all kinds of players”.

Source: Netflix

Entering the gaming market announce in July. Netflix is ​​facing a sharp slowdown in the flow of new customers after years of rapid expansion, which was exacerbated last year by the covidu-19 pandemic, as well as competition from companies such as Disney+ and HBO Max.

The streaming giant bought video game maker Night School Studio in September. In the coming months, the games will be available to Apple’s iOS users.

From July to September, 4.4 million subscribers were added to Netflix. In total, the company owns approximately 214 million. One Disney+ competitor closed the same quarter with 116 million subscribers.

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