January 29, 2022

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NASA’s Webb Space Telescope uses an accurate mid-cycle time correction


a brush 7:50pm EST, sites Correction of the first burn in the middle of the cycle I started. It took 65 minutes And now it’s complete. This burn is one of the key milestones where timing is important – the first was solar field propagationWhich happened shortly after launch.

Adjusts the trajectory of the burning belt towards second Lagrange point, commonly referred to as L2. After launch, Webb must establish its own mean thrust correction rate to reach orbit. This is intentional: Webb received small, deliberate fire from Ariane-5, which sent him into space because the pressure could not be restored. If Webb was too nervous, he wouldn’t be able to return to Earth because he would expose the optics and structure of his telescope directly to the Sun, heating it up and stopping the science mission before it even began.

So in three steps we will slow down to the correct speed, being careful not to push too hard – there will be a total of three correction maneuvers mid-cycle.

After this burn, none of the important milestones is time-critical, so the posting order, location, timing, and duration may change.

You can watch Where is the web Read more about next posting. NASA There are detailed plans to deploy the Webb Space Telescope in about two weeks. The deployment process is not an automatic upload sequence; It is controlled by humans. The team monitors the site in real time and can stop nominal deployments at any time. This means that deployments may not occur in the correct order or on time as originally planned.

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