December 2, 2021

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NASA responds: When was the last time an asteroid hit Earth?

At the end of October, news broke about the asteroid, which flew close to the Earth, about 3000 km away, around the world. This is less than the moon than us. The most terrifying thing about this incident was that no one had managed to catch him beforehand. It was on the verge of Asteroid 2021 UA1 Fortunately, he did not pose a real threat to us. The reason is that if it still flies toward Earth, we might see a huge theater in the sky, since it would burn up in the atmosphere.

When was the last time an asteroid hit Earth? Marina Brozovic, a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, presents the question of asteroids in relation to collisions with Earth.

Borzovic says that the last time an asteroid hit us depends on how we define it. The reason is that the Earth is mainly subjected to constant bombardment of asteroids, but in most cases they will burn up in our atmosphere. In other words, they do not pose any greater danger to us, and in most cases, we will not even notice. The portal draws attention to the topic

Chelyabinsk incident

It was in the last century The most important asteroid directed towards Earth, an asteroid the size of a small building (called Chelyabinsk meteorite), which burned up in the atmosphere over Russia at an altitude of about 20 kilometers in 2013. The meteor was even brighter than the sun for a short time. It should also be noted that the pressure wave created by the meteor collapse injured hundreds of people.

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Zdroj: (Tuvix72), Chelyabinsk meteorite

NASA generally refers to Potentially dangerous asteroids These have 140m or more in diameter. The reason is that such an asteroid has the potential to cause extensive damage after hitting Earth. Just for fun, an asteroid the size of one kilometer, if it hit Earth, could change the climate. Such rocks will find their way to us once in a million years.

the question remains, When did an asteroid hit the Earth and cause real damage? Brozovikova explains that the answer to this question is not so easy.

“In such a situation, we have to go far into the past,” replied Prochovikova. “It is not easy to detect those old craters. They are located deep in the sediments or they may be at the bottom of the oceans.”

During the early years of Earth’s life, the planet was heavily bombarded by massive ancient asteroids, 10 times more than previously thought – and this could cause the planet to be unable to support life. Asteroid 4660 Nereus, also known as 1982 DB, which is about the size of the Eiffel Tower, is currently flying to Earth. It should fly around the Earth during December of this year. Fortunately, this asteroid is not a real threat to us. The reason is that it will fly around us at a distance of about 3.9 million km. By comparison, the Moon, our natural satellite, is about 385,000 km away.

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