January 29, 2022

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NASA is about to discover a huge metal asteroid called “Psyche” that has a much greater value than our global economy

say hello “16 manasAnd

You’ll hear a lot more about this 140-mile/226-kilometre asteroid over the next few months as NASA gets closer to launching the mission of the same name in August 2022 to learn its components. .

iron? From? back? Observations of light reflected from it point to one of them, which – predicted by some random motions – makes this asteroid technically worthy. 10,000 quadrillion dollarsThis is much more than the global economy, which in 2020 was worth about $84.5 trillion statista (Several trillions less than in 2019).

Regardless of their perceived value, 16 mineral-rich manas is an astrological property. It is located in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is three times more distant from the Sun than the Earth and revolves around the Sun for five years. It was first discovered in 1852.

It’s one-sixteenth of our average moon, but it’s probably more interesting. 16 Manas de A. The core of iron, nickel and gold is believed to be its core ancient planetMost asteroids are rocky or icy. It can also be an elemental substance that will never dissolve.

“If it becomes part of the metal core, it will be part of the first generation of early cores in our solar system,” said Lindy Elkins Tanton of Arizona State University, who leads Psyche as the lead researcher. I don’t really know and until we get there, we won’t know anything for sure. We wanted to ask basic questions about what planets are made of. We are full of questions and few answers. This is a real survey. And

No expedition has visited 16 psychics and it is almost impossible to study them at a distance. But in ground-based telescopes, the asteroid appears as a faint haze. Hubble Space Telescope I don’t even know many details. However, scientists know from radar data that it is about the size of a potato. And it rotates on its side.

NASA’s orbiter will spend at least 21 months mapping and studying the characteristics of the asteroid, which is 435 miles/700 kilometers above the asteroid’s surface. There is a payload kit on board, which includes a magnetometer to measure any magnetic fields, as well as sensors for surface imaging and mapping. In the meantime, spectrometers identify the material making up the surface by measuring the gamma radiation and neutrons emitted by it.

NASA’s Psyche mission is part of the Discovery program for low-cost robotic space missions. The Orbiter Psyche rover is scheduled to launch in August 2022, and after nine months it will switch to Mars’ gravity assist and finally reach the asteroid in January 2026.

“We don’t know what we’re going to find,” Elkins Tanton said. “I hope we’re quite surprised.”

I wish you a clear sky and wide eyes.

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