January 29, 2022

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NASA announces a hit: PHOTO Robot Perseverance has obtained the first rock sample on Mars

“I own it!” NASA said on Twitter on behalf of Perseverance. I also attached a photo with a sample of the stone taken, which is slightly thicker than a pencil. Last week, NASA reported that it may have managed to obtain a rock sample from Mars. However, due to poor lighting in the first images taken by the rover last Wednesday, the management team was not entirely sure that the sample stored in the tube, which was visible in the images, would remain intact.

The Rover had to take more photos with better lighting. It would normally take several days for such images to be sent to Earth, AFP said. “With better illumination of the sample in the tube, you can see that the core of the rock you picked up is still there,” NASA said on behalf of the rover in the Twitter account of this robotic vehicle.

This is only the beginning

NASA plans to use Marsaud’s perseverance to obtain from the surface of the Red Planet about thirty such samples, which should be transferred to Earth by several missions within about ten years.

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Perseverance landed on Mars in late February, a risky maneuver. The development and construction of this robotic car cost nearly $2.5 billion and took eight years. The mission of the rover on Mars is to search for traces of microorganisms and study the geology and climate of the Red Planet.

Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech

At the beginning of August, the Perseverance probe failed to take samples as it drilled into softer rock, causing the collected material to disintegrate and not enter the titanium tube.

There is also a helicopter on Mars

NASA scientists have flown an experimental miniature helicopter (Creativity) to Mars with the rover, which made its first flight in mid-April — the first ever flight on another planet. The helicopter has since taken off 12 takeoffs.

Helicopter space flight ingenuity

Source: SITA/NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS via AP, File

This mission is part of a program that also includes missions to the Moon to prepare for a potential human crew exploration of Mars.