December 9, 2021

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Musk won't let people breathe.  Recently, he announced that he will establish a university with a strange name

Musk won’t let people breathe. Recently, he announced that he will establish a university with a strange name

A philanthropist, a businessman, an inventor, an engineer, a visionary – these are all attributes of the richest man on the planet. This is, of course, about Elon Musk, who you may know as the CEO and technologist of Tesla, owner of SpaceX, but who is also a very controversial person who sometimes leaves people in silent amazement with his Twitter posts.

Is this just another joke?

The latest Tesla CEO has left a post on the social network, announcing that he is considering starting a university in Texas. If this news sounds pretty ordinary to you, you know that Musk has played a lot in the name of the league, which makes the whole situation seem somewhat comical. The portal drew attention to the topic futuristic.

According to Musick, the new university should be named the Texas Institute of Technology and Science, or TITS for short. In addition, he did not forget to mention that his university would have a truly epic reputation. As is usually the case with Musk’s tweets, it’s still hard to say if it’s an innocent joke or whether the Tesla CEO will really build his own university. After all, we’re talking about a guy who sold a few years ago Tens of thousands of stylish flamethrowers.

It wasn’t long after the post arrived and caused a huge stir. On social media, Musk was congratulated by a number of fans, including Democratic Senator candidate Dan Whitfield, warns Al Bawaba interesting engineering.

For some fans, the whole situation seems very strange and they point out that this is a really very old joke. With Musk, no one will ever know.

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As mentioned, this is not the first time Musk perlil na Twitteri. With his statements often Without any context I moved with the stock market, posted a comic post with a collage of An iconic scene from the movie The Lion Kingwhether caused unexpected madness About Signal Advance Inc, whose shares rose as much as 1,500% after his contribution.