November 28, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Musk says that people today are really cyborgs. At the conference, he presented scientists with something that no one else had before

Elon Musk attended an online conference of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering, during which he shared a wealth of information primarily about the Starship, but also about humanity itself, reach futurism.

We have limited time

Musk started his talk quite philosophically and after the opening The video that FonTech explained in more detail recently, He talked about the subject of humanity and its fate among the planets. He noted that the period of time during which space can be expanded can be relatively short and it is imperative that we use our opportunity as quickly as possible.

After a little digging, questions came from the other participants, that is, leading experts from various scientific and technical fields. Elder Musk spoke of using stainless steel as the Starship’s raw material, rather than aluminum or advanced carbon compounds – This was for the Starship to use in its original version.

Testing the prototype of the second stage of the Starship rocket, which will launch from Mars in one stage. Source: SpaceX / Flickr

In addition, SpaceX began actively working on this material, but it posed a number of problems. In addition to the complex construction and problems of achieving the required accuracy, this material is expensive, the resin in it is potentially flammable in the presence of pure oxygen, and in the end such a rocket weighs more due to She needed a thicker heat shield.

They will fly in January

The owner of SpaceX confirmed that the flight is scheduled for January next year. Delays are possible, of course, but one way or another 2022 will start with real theater – or real rumble. As Musk acknowledges, the chances of complete success are not very high, this is the first orbital and stage one attempt to generate more than Twice the thrust compared to the most powerful rocket in history, the Saturn V, has not yet flown.

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Musk likened the Starship to ancient ocean-going ships, which only began to improve when transcontinental trade took place. It is very likely that interplanetary transportation facilities will also receive significant improvements when there is a much greater reason for such travel. The extraterrestrial industry does not yet exist, However, SpaceX is already preparing a plan to create it.

He also admitted that he studied physics at the university in order to reveal the meaning of life. In addition, he notes with humor that he made a mistake when he began reading German philosophers as a teenager. “I was so depressed,” He added with a laugh.

Eventually, he began reading Douglas Adamas, who is behind the famous book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I realized that “It is not necessary to look for answers, but the right questions. The answer is always the universe.”

Testing the prototype of the second stage of the Starship rocket, designated SN8, today is Ship 8, which violated the company’s licensing rules at the end of 2020. Source: SpaceX / Flickr

Program is already busy

We also learned something during the conference that is hard to believe. SpaceX wants to make about a dozen flights on its Starship next year, which is more than the second-class landing attempts in the past two years. However, the limiting factor Production of engines for the Raptor rocket, which is gradually moving to mass And this is not easy, especially for such large and complex machines.

The participants finally asked about the massive planets of the Starlink satellites, which disrupt astronomical observations. However, Musk assured the astronomers that they were cooperating with the astronomical community and regulatory authorities, and that they had already solved a number of problems. In addition, as we recently learned, Scientists design new space telescopes that the Starship can put into orbit a Reducing reliance on ground-based observatories.

SSP21 / SpaceX / Editorial Editor

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In the end, Musk added that people, in a way, are really cyborgs of today. We have the original biological system in the form of a nervous system and at the same time computers that we carry around with us all the time in the form of smartphones. In essence, we are in fact a cyborg, although thus far we are relatively ineffective and a bit pre-Flood.