January 29, 2022

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Motorola edge20 pro: 50x super zoom and camera as endoscope

The recently introduced Motorola edge 20 pro smartphone has a differently designed camera using a periscope architecture. Motorola has focused on improving camera features throughout the Motorola Edge 20 family.

All Motorola edge 20 series devices are equipped with a 108MP main camera with Ultra Pixel technology, which delivers a sharp and clear picture even in the most demanding lighting conditions thanks to 9 times larger Super Pixels, which means 9 times higher light sensitivity.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro, Motorola Edge 20 a Motorola edge20 lite It is also equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens, which allows you to capture 4 times the scenes with everyone in the group photo. The built-in MacroVision function allows you to shoot from a distance of 3cm for better detail capture.

With a 32MP front selfie camera, 4K video can be shot in high definition, which is also suitable for shooting with evening scenes and low light intensity.

Quad Pixel technology provides four times higher sensitivity to light and thanks to new functions that automatically adjust exposure and smooth uneven skin tones.

Source: Motorola
Motorola Edge 20 Pro

Binoculars style super zoom camera

Motorola Edge 20 Pro It features the first periscope-style telephoto lens that bends light 90 degrees for high sharpness from 5 times the distance. To achieve a high-resolution optical zoom, the camera must focus at a greater distance. Therefore, the lens elements of the camera unit must be spaced apart.

Under normal circumstances, this would require the camera to protrude from the phone, but with a new technology called “folded optics,” the camera is stowed sideways in the phone and uses a prism to “refract” light at a 90-degree angle. This provides a much larger area for the spatial distribution of lens elements and allows users to focus from greater distances.

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Improve zoom quality

Shaking hands do not have to mean shaking pictures. The zoom camera’s Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) automatically compensates for blurry photos and videos due to unwanted camera movement. Therefore, even when focusing on the maximum, brightness and detail are preserved. Optical zoom also helps improve the quality of digital zoom, so users can zoom in/out without compromising quality.

Intuitive useuser interface Zoom

At more than 10x magnification, the new user interface displays a small window that maintains a wider field of view so you don’t get lost during long digital zooms. This zoom also uses electronic stabilization technology to reduce the natural shocks that occur when you hold the phone in your hand.

Motorola edge20 pro

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro features a 50x Super Zoom that captures details from incredible distances with great clarity. It also offers a new 108MP main camera for excellent quality and one of the largest camera sensors ever in a 1/1.5-inch optical format. And another new, Motorola edge 20 pro can record video in stunning 8K for movie quality.

edge 20

This model offers an Ultra Pixel camera and 30x Super Zoom. You can zoom in from 3 times using a special zoom lens. With HD optical zoom, you can focus remotely without losing clarity or go further and capture detail with 30x super zoom.

volume amplificationIt uses advanced microphones to capture the sound of an object while filtering out ambient noise and sounds, so your videos now have only the audio you want.

in mode double capture You can record video or take photos with any two cameras at the same time, so you can take pictures of yourself and the target so you never miss an action again – or your reaction.

Source: Motorola
Motorola edge20

slow action to 960 FPS HDIt is 4 times slower than previous Motorola phones. Upload the things your eyes can’t see and shoot videos with a whole new perspective.

Thanks to AI features including Automatic smile capture a intelligent configuration Photography is like a game as a professional. Modernity is the algorithm AI selfie in low light, which brightens shadows, reduces graininess, and enhances colours.

If you want to have things in your hands, in Pro mode You have perfect control over the settings you’d expect from a professional SLR, such as white balance, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and focus.

Convert paper documents into digital files using Scan Mode. The camera learns the outline of any document that you can edit, then saves it as a JPEG or PDF that you can share with friends or colleagues.

Source: Motorola
Scan texts via private mode

Source: Motorola

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