December 9, 2021

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Motorists can once again use the bridge over the Kisuka River

Národná diaľničná spoločnosť completed the reconstruction of the temporary bridge in the Vranj district of جيلilina one week ago. Starting Wednesday, November 24, motorists can take full advantage of the renovated bridge that connects the Kisoka River. According to the original plan, the works were scheduled to be completed on November 30, 2021.

A pregnancy test was performed prior to the start-up. According to the results of the measurements, the contractor clarified that the result met the criteria stipulated in the technical standards. After that, the installation of curbs and sidewalks began. The bridge restoration consisted of dismantling the bridge field, after which assembly began at the site of the bridge structure that was removed. Prior to commissioning, a complete modification of the other bridge fields was carried out.

Reconstruction work required the complete closure of the temporary bridge and Road 3/2095. Both driving directions on the bridge, as well as Route 3/2095 between the villages of Vranj and Rudinka, were completely impassable as of October 13, 2021 due to an extensive repair, while traffic was redirected to the surrounding roads.

Originally, motorists would be able to use the temporary bridge permanently. Two temporary bridges of 72 m in length were used for the bridges, designed and equipped for railway operation. For this reason, they were modified so that cars could pass through them. Each bridge consists of a pair of bridge fields 48 and 24 meters long. The bridges are made of steel, a detachable structure assembled from individual precisely prefabricated components, connected by bolts. The free space between the bulkheads is 3.7 meters wide. The bridge without a pedestrian bridge.

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Routine and winter maintenance, including all performance management activities, which will ensure the operability and operability of the bridge structure, will be carried out by the Ilina Autonomous Region Roads Department on a contract basis.

The Kisuka River was bridged in October 2015, during the construction of the D3 Zilina, Strasov – Zilina, section of the Brodno highway. The modernized railway bridge M 16 was used for this, and the construction of the bridge improved not only traffic safety and security, but also reduced transit traffic on local roads, which were not designed for such a traffic load. The existing reconstructed bridge will contribute significantly to the environmental protection of the area, which will be reflected in a reduction in exhaust fumes and noise and, last but not least, a lower accident rate. At the same time, it contributes to the overall quality of life and social comfort of people living in this part of the city.