January 29, 2022

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Android 12 is officially here.  Which Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones will receive the update?

Most Read Articles of 2021 on MôjAndroid.sk

The last day of the year has traditionally been a look back at the past twelve months and an assessment of everything that happened during them. We made time for such a balance today.

We’ve already taken a look at the most popular reviews of 2020, and now it’s time to publish articles in general. Which events, news or tips were the most popular, by number of reads? So let’s take a look at the ranking of the most read articles on MojAndroid.sk for 2021.

The most read articles on our website this year were the ones that reported on dangerous malware in WhatsApp. This dangerous virus looked like the official Huawei app and was pointed out by Lukáš Štefanko from ESET.

Other articles where we deal with malware and dangerous apps:

The malware used the automatic response feature, which was used to redistribute itself to other devices and try to infect them in the same way. The owner of the smartphone first received a link to download the fake Huawei Mobile application, which pretends to be heading to the official Google Play Store. In fact, it was a fake website that only looked like an official store.

Source: Phandroid.com

We also covered the topic of malware and dangerous apps in the article Watch out for these Android apps. If you install it, you may lose money, which was among the most read. With these apps, you may lose a large amount of money without even noticing. They were also able to steal messages and shop for money from the victim without her knowledge.

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In March of this year, a number of users started complaining about apps like Gmail, Google Play and banking apps crashing. The problem was an important part of the operating system called System WebView, which is responsible for loading pages in an environment similar to Chrome and displaying them inside an open application.

Google Play Store Source: Miroslav Schaumberg

The problem was in the “Configuration and Experimentation Technology for Chrome and WebView”. This affected the ability of applications to display web content correctly, resulting in many applications failing.

The fix required distribution of updated files for both apps, so the company released updates the next day, which fixed the bug. Google subsequently pledged to implement measures to mitigate WebView-related application failures in the future.

In 2021, we launched a brand new section on our website, which focuses exclusively on comparing devices and tries to help our readers choose the right device. Here you will find a list of the best phones with different criteria, the best car pictures, the best models at a certain price level and the like. If you decide to buy a new device, mobile comparison You must not miss.

Meta, and then Facebook, this year experienced a multi-hour outage in their services. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp did not work. And not only in Slovakia, but all over the world. Since people didn’t know why social networking wasn’t working for them, they started using google and found that it was because of the blackout which was not in their favour.

Companies selling on these social networks lost part of their revenue, but Meta also lost several million in revenue from their ads in about 6 hours.

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The fact that this article has become one of the most read confirms that Slovaks love to shop in bazaars. Scammers have been on the advertising portal Bazoš.sk for a long time, but this year the sack literally ripped. And they’re still coming up with new and new ways to cut down technology victims for money.

Buzos podfood
Source: Pexels.com + Editorial Editing

In this particular article, we focused on scammers who pretend to be interested in the goods you offer, are from outside and want to pay through fake payment gateways. In this way, they extract many valuable data from the victims, such as credit card numbers and the like.

At the beginning of 2021, we reported an unprecedented large leak. If you haven’t changed your password yet, you should, because your password may have escaped.

Login data leaked from popular services like Netflix, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. It is estimated that more than 200 million Gmail addresses and 450 million Yahoo addresses have been leaked. Perhaps as many as 70% of Internet users are affected. It is believed that this data was collected from several leaks, creating one huge database.

It was also common that Samsung was creating an entirely new smartwatch that would be completely dug up. and this is what actually happened. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 They replaced Tizen OS with Google Play. And since payments with Google Pay for watches have launched in Slovakia, we can finally pay with Samsung watches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 | Zdroj: Miroslav Schaumberg

The device is equipped with an operating system Wear OS 3, which are complemented by a superstructure Samsung. By the way, Wear OS 3 doesn’t offer any other watches yet. The closest competition shouldn’t update until 2022, which gives Samsung a relatively big advantage.

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