October 22, 2021

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More than ordinary social networks have the largest worldwide outage in history!  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp not working

More than ordinary social networks have the largest worldwide outage in history! Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp not working

22:30 Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are still not working. Companies are reporting network connectivity issues, which makes it impossible to connect to social networks anywhere in the world.

That’s it for today. Thank you for watching the online broadcast. We’ll have more information about the morning outage.

22:23 We didn’t get much information from Facebook itself today. But a while ago, a company spokesperson commented on the whole situation and sincerely apologized to users: “We are very sorry about what happened. We have network issues, but our teams are working as quickly as possible to get it back as quickly as possible.”

22:12 According to a New York Times reporter, Facebook employees were unable to enter the building today because their access cards didn’t work either. It points to the source directly from Facebook.

22:07 The world is currently divided into two camps. The former are happy to spend a quiet evening without notices from social networks, others are disappointed and express themselves on Twitter – the only one of the main social networks that is currently operating.

One Instagram user is experiencing severe outages. “…I’m still updating Instagram. Even though I know it won’t work, I’ll keep trying…”

21:53 At the moment, Facebook’s internal systems aren’t working either, so employees have had to change the ways they communicate with each other. A source from the Facebook environment claims that there is “chaos” in the company and that people communicate via email and SMS.

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21:27 The World Health Organization (WHO) has already responded to the Facebook outage. She commented on her Twitter that even if social networks are not available, do not take off your veil.

21:21 Google has noticed a strong demand for the phrase “Is Facebook down?” Interest in this phrase came in Great Britain around 17:00 CEST. In Slovakia, demand increased until 18:00.

Source: google.com

Facebook demand interruption

Source: google.com

21:12 Facebook shares in the stock market fell 5.2 percent, or about 50 billion dollars. Everything is due to the failure of the most widely used social network and its affiliates.

Unusual social networks have

Source: nasdaq.com

21:09 The Facebook bug has already sparked amusement by another rival social network, Reddit, which humorously commented on a Twitter post. “How are you, manager of the social network Instagram?”

21:04 The American whistleblower Edward Snowden, responsible for one of the largest data leaks about secret services, also responded to the blackout. Call today “One beautiful day when the world became a healthier place”

20:55 This is the only message you’ll see after the Facebook page loads:

Unusual social networks have

Source: facebook.com

20:38 Would you be able to live without the social network Facebook? Report in our survey.

19:48 Twitter users are arguing where to connect tonight. iPhone owners responded immediately with funny memes, boasting that they could communicate through the iMessage platform, which is only available for iPhones.

19:11 When will Facebook be fixed? The latest news was provided by Facebook at the beginning of the outage, at about 5:30, that they were working on a fix. WhatsApp later reassured its users on Twitter that the fault was not on their part, but on the part of the social network. Many users thought it had something to do with their internet connection.

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19:08 according to New York times The reason for the outage was not intruders

19:05 Instagram and WhatsApp have already responded to the controversial Twitter messaging

18:59 Twitter, which welcomed all users of the microblogging network, has already responded to the massive outage of its competitor “Hello, literally everyone.”

18:07 The problem persisted and Facebook itself admitted the failure. The head of the communication department of the most used social network in the world said that they know the problems and try to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

18:00 The first reports of issues appeared after 5:30 PM CST. It is mainly reported by users in the United States and Britain, but also in Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Russia and other countries. Most users complain about slow website, poor server connections, and application crashes. WhatsApp users are having trouble sending messages.

Outage and error reporting

Source: downdetector.com

Social bug reporting

Source: downdetector.com