November 28, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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More than 8000 injured have been recorded.  Many of those who suffocated in hospital today managed to beat Covid at home

More than 8000 injured have been recorded. Many of those who suffocated in hospital today managed to beat Covid at home

In Slovakia, 8,342 people arrived last day with a positive PCR test result, of whom approximately 71% were not vaccinated. Regarding the antigen test, 1959 were positive, more than 73% of them have not yet been vaccinated. informs the USSR.

Yesterday, 26,545 RT-PCR tests and 27,806 antigen tests were completed. The most positive RT-PCR tests were in the Košice region (1,484), followed by Prešovský (1,346), Zilinsk (1,197), Banskobystrický (1,130), Bratislavsk (1,067) and Trenčiansky (859), Nitriansky (668) and Trnavský (591).

Among them, 4,035 men and 4,307 women. The total number of men who tested positive is 275,075 and women 303,133. 2,879 patients have been hospitalized and the COVID-19 virus has been confirmed. Approximately 81.2% of hospitalized patients were never vaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

There are 253 patients in JIS, 246 people who need support for artificial lung ventilation. The number of confirmed victims of the pulmonary form of COVID-19 has increased by 43. The total number of “Covid” deaths reached 13,687, and the total number of “Covid” deaths reached 2,615.

The total number of PCR tests completed to date has been 4,283,027, with 578,208 tested as such. The total number of Ag tests performed so far is 39,659,030, of which 453,058 people have tested positive.

MEP Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová stated on the social network that she is also receiving reports of operations and planned interventions that have been postponed.

Well, the knee will wait, although even with such a routine procedure, for a particular person, relocations may not be there. So-called white medicine is gradually stopping and more than 1,300 patients are waiting for surgery and about 300 patients for neurosurgery alone, for example, at Martin Hospital (teaching hospital)”.

He explains that the hospital in Martin is just an example of where hospitals are located. According to Nicholson, we know that our health care system has been collapsing for a long time and that it is not just about a pandemic, but we also know that the decision not to vaccinate makes our situation dramatically worse.

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Analysts from the Data Project Without Pathos point out that an increase in the number of tests performed leads to higher positive numbers. “In our opinion, ignoring this fact when submitting records is a mistake.”

They also reported that 146,000 tests had been conducted by November 14 last week. This represents 24% more than 118,000 tests in the previous week.

“Many of those who are suffocating in hospital today and need oxygen or a ventilator can beat covid in bed at home. However, they have decided not to vaccinate, so they are filling hospitals and literally robbing the doctors and anesthesiologists, who were meant to be, For example, an oncological patient who was supposed to remove a life-threatening tumor.”

Refers to the case of a 50-year-old man with an abdominal tumour. He had been waiting two months for when and when he would be happy. “Many of you know that the tumor does not wait for the anesthesiologist, and it can grow in a couple of months that it can be fatal for the patient. The medical staff is on the verge of strength and we carry it more and more, even though we applauded them on the balconies a year ago.”

He points to a table from mathematician Richard Kollar, who has long been dealing with epidemics more than numbers. It illustrates scenarios at different levels of vaccination very clearly.

“With the increase in vaccinations, the spread of people in hospital with a difficult course can be really bad. Just to imagine, if vaccinations go up 5%, the number of people who are hospitalized could be reduced by more than 1,000. With immunizations 50% to 60%, difficult hospitalizations could cut our number by more than half.”

MEP asks where is the logic, after all this information, that you are delaying vaccinations and we as a country are still below the 45% threshold. “I try to understand everyone who weighs and understand the people whose fear goes beyond understanding the benefits of a vaccine. After all the professional information available, I don’t care why less than half of us are still immune.”

The ruthless statements in their social media contribution thank everyone for their commitment and performance on the front lines. They are optimistic and say that we will manage the situation, even with the stress of mental and physical strength.

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“The country will move and there will be time after Covid and there will be a peaceful Christmas. We are not like Denmark and Portugal but we are not like Bulgaria and Georgia either,” he added.

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