January 21, 2022

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More than 3,500 people were injured.  Great pressure on hospitals is expected due to the omicron

More than 3,500 people were injured. Great pressure on hospitals is expected due to the omicron

In Slovakia, 3,579 people who tested positive for PCR in the past day were added, of whom more than 64% were not vaccinated. Regarding the antigen test, 644 were positive, more than 71% of whom were not vaccinated. Reports the USSR.

Yesterday, 15,324 RT-PCR tests and 37,641 antigen tests were completed. The most positive RT-PCR tests tested were in جيلilina region (601), followed by Bratislavsky (578), Trnavsky (441), Koshiki (439), Banskopistriki (420), Bryshovsky (390), Trenchyansky (357) and Netriansky ( 353).

Among them, 1,687 men and 1,892 women. The total number of men who have tested positive is 405,041 and women 444,475. 2,267 patients have been hospitalized and COVID-19 has been confirmed. Approximately 83.33% of those hospitalized were not vaccinated at all or only partially vaccinated.

There are 453 patients on the JIS and OAIM wards, 216 of whom require support for artificial lung ventilation. The number of confirmed victims of the pulmonary form of COVID-19 has increased by 48. The total number of “Covid” deaths reached 16,788, and the number of “Covid” deaths was 2,956.

The total number of PCR tests completed so far is 5,130,450, while 849,516 have tested positive, and the total number of Ag tests performed so far is 41,363,639, of which 531,659 have been tested. Test them positively.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that government hospitals in the country will come under great pressure in the coming weeks due to the sharp increase in coronavirus cases. This was reported by Agence France-Presse.

Johnson said during a visit to the vaccination center that “The pressure on hospitals (the UK’s National Health Service) is going to be great for the NHS over the next few weeks” Due to the spread of the omicron variant coronavirus.

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The UK saw a record increase in infections in the last days of 2021. In the country regarding the disease Corona virus disease-19 Nearly 149,000 people died.

Johnson said he was aware of the significant absence of medical staff in hospitals as a result of C.OvidoHe added that solutions are being sought to move people to particularly affected areas.

The Sunday Times reported that about 50,000 NHS staff did not come to work on Friday because of COvido sick or isolated.

Johnson called on the public to get vaccinated, announcing that there were deadlines for two million people this week. At the same time, the Prime Minister defended his decision not to tighten the epidemic restrictions in England during the holiday period, unlike in other regions of the United Kingdom.

“Of course, we are constantly evaluating all the measures, but the combination of things we are doing currently is, in my opinion, the right way.” Johnson added. According to him, the Omicron variant is “Very convincing” It appears to be less severe than the delta or alpha variants.

Source: TASR / AP / Zoltan Balogh / MTI

Slovak health sector It indicates that omicron is spreading much faster than previous variants of the coronavirus. “Today, we are seeing record growth and new cases in the world. At the same time, several studies indicate that an oomicron may cause a milder trajectory of delta variants.”

Stady from Guateng in South Africa report a 73% reduction in severe cases in patients with omicron compared to the delta variant. Stady From the UK Health Security Agency talks about about half the risks of hospitalization in Omicron compared to Delta.

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At the same time, data from the United Kingdom show that the third dose of the vaccine provides very good protection against hospitalization in Omicron (88%).

“Omikron is likely to cause very large increases in new cases in Slovakia as well. This could be an unusual burden on our health system, even if it is confirmed that Omikron causes, on average, less severe processes.”