January 21, 2022

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More than 20,000 companies in Slovakia threaten their business environment

More than 20,000 companies in Slovakia threaten their business environment

Moreover, the larger the company, the larger its number, the less risk it is exposed to in the market. On the contrary, the smaller the company, the more threatening factors it attacks from the surrounding environment. This finding comes from Dun & Bradstreet’s analysis, which analyzes business data in 120 countries around the world, which this time looked in detail at the risk environment for Slovak entities.

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Beware of insolvency, taxes, enforcement and debts

There are more than 20,000 companies in Slovakia endangered their business environmentto which it is economically related. This is the case right now 19516 Limited Liability Company a 503 joint stock company.

Each subject is influenced by its surroundings, Whether they are owners, companies, parent companies, subsidiaries, legal entities, suppliers or customers. The vast majority of companies are at risk Comes from Bratislava regionto 9415, which is almost half of the total, therefore from nitra (1867) Kosice region (1,856),” says Petra Štěpánová, an analyst at the company.

According to her, it could be a negative indicator coming from the company’s endangered environment, for example Insolvency, Unreliable Tax Payment, Enforcement whose Debts. Companies operating in the least dangerous environment in Slovakia have In جيلilina and surrounding areas.

There are fewer companies at risk than before the pandemic

The analysis also showed that The higher the company’s sales volume, a team Less negative indicators affects her. For comparison – up to 7,445 companies with a declared turnover of 999 thousand euros are negatively affected by their surroundings, as well as companies with a maximum of 2 employees (2,806). But only for three companies whose turnover exceeded 50 million eurosIt is affected by one of the negative indicators,” the analyst explains.

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Interestingly, it currently has its own business environment Fewer companies at risk how Before the coronavirus pandemic. In 2018, when Dan and Bradstreet last analyzed this region, he found that at that time there were such companies in Slovakia. A total of 22297Which represents 2,278 more entities than today, three years later.