November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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More news here.  GTA 6 gets what you love about the series again

More news here. GTA 6 gets what you love about the series again

The current direction of the Rockstar studio is completely different from the times of San Andreas and Vice City, when the development was focused on the release of absolutely new game titles. The reason we’ve been waiting for a new continuation of the popular franchise for 8 years is simple – constant updates and new items pouring into Grand Theft Auto Online.

Of course, we must also add the effort to bring GTA 5 players to a new generation of consoles and rework the iconic trilogy of the original in the collection. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition, which will be available in electronic form this month, exactly on November 11th.

Rockstar joined forces with a number of game companies that realized they could briefly entertain and charm story campaigns, but what generates huge revenue is multiplayer.

E-MasterSensei / Youtube

GTA multiplayer has been gaining momentum over the past eight years, and it’s no wonder that Rockstar continues the well-established trend. Many fans even started asking if they would watch new indie content for one of them.

However, good news for fans of the solo action came on the occasion of the presentation of the Cayo Perico Heist update in current GTA Online developers from Rockstar Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard, who interviewed GQ Magazine He expressed that in the future the GTA studio will focus more on this segment.

A slight indication of the versatility of the game component was the inclusion of single-player in the aforementioned Cayo Perico Heist update, which can be supplemented with a single player option.

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When journalists were asked whether this also applies to new projects from the world of GTA, the answer was clear, giving them some hope that the single-player story component will not be on the sidelines in the sixth part of GTA.

Of course, with Grand Theft Auto Online’s constant updates and additions, it’s possible that GTA 6 will come to us in a few years, but knowing that Rockstar hasn’t forgotten what we love about the series is encouraging news that we should wait a little easier.

The game campaign can visit international waters and show us the falling skyscrapers

Although GTA 6 has not yet been officially confirmed, Rockstar has once again raised speculation among fans who are constantly looking for various leaks and pieces of information about the development of the game on the Internet.

A job offer by a Canadian Rockstar Games photography artist has surfaced online, and his description suggests that a sequel could also take place in an international setting. Indications are mainly based on the fact that the content of the work should also include the search for international sites and the creation of realistic forms for them.

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“We’ve always tried to create game worlds that look like real places, and we’ve been able to use the latest technology to push the idea forward in a way we’ve never done before.” said in to interview Aaron Garbutt, Rockstar Technical Director.

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The work of a photographer is not the only show that has raised more expectations among fans. The announcement was made to search for a VFX developer in Rockstar New England in an effort to find someone to help immerse the player in the original world by creating detailed effects, from rain falling from buildings to large-scale destructive actions like falling skyscrapers.