January 27, 2022

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Molyneux's new Legacy is a city manicure with blockchain and NFT

Molyneux’s new Legacy is a city manicure with blockchain and NFT

Legendary designer Peter Molyneux first received a £40.5 million NFT transaction prior to the release of his new game. Sold these different countries v hre legacy Cryptocurrency investors who bought it hoping not to make money from it.

The game itself is the city’s focus on factories. The game was briefly mentioned in 2017, but has now been introduced over the weekend with darkness. It obviously works and investors buy without knowing how the game works and it will be crowded.

In principle, the game is about business. He plays, builds and takes care of the company in the city. The townspeople will work on the goods and produce your products, which will then be displayed. It is built on NFT and crypt – LegacyCoin in the Ethereum blockchaine, you will become the owner of the virtual land.

Land NFT ownership allows you to create your own in-game blockchain business association in Legacy. It will be Legacy game, you will earn money and own your creatures, Explanation of Gala Games Platform owners are selling something in blockchain games.

“It is very important, as a trade association, that you have access to the Legacy Keys. These items will help you become a business partner in the game. LegacyCoins that you have earned.

The land of the game is yours met kpi for you. It’s amazing how you’ve now begun to acquire virtual land. It appears that Molyneux took possession of the first time when crypto holders were easily pulled from their lands. Now hopefully it will be game over sometimes and you will succeed. For the sake of interest, the most prized item sold was London land, a limited edition land of antique rarity. 670 thousand pounds.

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If from ancient times Molyneux remembers a classic such as a Populous, Syndicate, Magic Carpet or Dungeon Keeper, then the Black and White sriu or Fable sriu. He also added a movie brochure. Since he left Lionehead and founded 22 Cans, he’s been downhill, promising a genius game, but only Godus, who’s been in Early Access and undated for five years, or The Trails mobile with a lot of microtransactions. Now he came up with this.