October 23, 2021

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Mochovce will get the competition. A European nuclear unit announces billions of dollars in investments – energy – economy

Over the next five years, France will invest about 30 billion euros in the development of innovative technologies and industry. Part of the plan, announced by President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, is to build small nuclear reactors.


12.10.2021 16:22


Nuclear power plants account for about 70 percent of the electricity produced in Slovakia.

France produces the most electricity from nuclear power in Europe and has 56 commercial reactors. At the same time, it has the highest share of electricity produced in this way, more than 75 percent. Slovakia is second with about 70 percent.

Macron added that France’s goal is to support the country’s economic growth at a time when it faces increasing competition from China and the United States. He added that the investment will start next year.

“If we Europeans, and the French in particular, want to be able to choose our future, it is crucial that we win – in the fight for independence and better living conditions,” Macron said.

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The plan envisages investments in developing energy technologies that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, amounting to eight billion euros. The president said that the money will also be used to finance the construction of small nuclear reactors. About 70 percent of the electricity consumed in France is supplied by nuclear power plants.

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Two years ago, European Union member states agreed that nuclear power could help the 27-nation bloc shift toward a carbon-neutral economy, giving governments the opportunity to use it in their national energy mix.