November 28, 2021

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Misara is about to make his debut in Cech, and he also wants to fight for the Olympics in Krefeld

BRATISLAVA, NOVEMBER 8 (TASR) – The talented Slovak hockey player, 17-year-old Philippe Mishar, will make his first-team debut in the German Cup. At first, the young striker regretted that his teammates in their twenties, Juraj Slafkovský and imon Nemec, would not introduce themselves to him in the tournament, but eventually decided they would take advantage of a break. Machar also wants to fight for an Olympic seat in Krefeld.

Up to six players can make their debut in the upcoming tournament (November 11-14). In addition to Mešár, Juraj iška, Jozef Baláž, Samuel Taká, Filip Belányi and Dávid Mudrák too. After Simon Nemke and Juraj Slavkovsky, Mishar became the third player in 2004 and has a chance to appear in the first team of the national team. “I thought they would be here with me. But they took a vacation, they had enough and the rest would benefit from them. So I am here on my own, but the guys here have supported me. I think I will fit in with the team and feel good.” Machar said at a meeting on Monday.

At the age of 16, he played the last Under-20 World Championship in Canada. His teammates were then given a place in Coach Ramsey’s picks in the April preparatory duels and at the World Championships in Riga. “I’ve always supported them, I’m glad they had the opportunities and now I’m glad I got them. I’ll try to emulate them and I’ll want to deliver the best possible bot to the team”, Said the young aggressor.

He also summed up his expectations before the tournament, before leaving for Bratislava, and also listened to the advice of his experienced colleagues from Poprad: “I hope the coach likes my game, but first of all I will do what it takes. I think I will succeed and that I will be in the team. My teammates told me to enjoy it and listen to the advice of the most experienced, and I should play what I know.”

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They did not have a perfect period in Poprad, the team fell to the table after a series of losses and the team’s management is currently looking for a replacement for the fired coach Peter Mikkola. “Maybe this tournament will also be useful, as we have a crisis and also lost the coach and the club is now everything. But I think it will turn around. Coach Mikola gave me a lot and I’m happy I experienced it. He was strict but he told me things right and he pushed me. I respect him and only wish him the best. “. Machar said.

In a chamois shirt, the young striker sits on the ice more than last season, and this was also the reason why he preferred to perform in Slovakia’s top competition before being tempted abroad: “I have more time on the ice and I play better. I have more space in overtime and weaknesses and I’m glad Poprad gives me this opportunity. He’s much better than last year.”

The tournament in Germany will be one of two where this year the Slovaks will present themselves in preparation for the Olympics. Some players have a chance to convince the coach that they want to talk about the fight for the nomination for Beijing, and this is what Machar also realizes: “There is definitely a chance, but I don’t admit it. I want to go to the Olympics, but I don’t think about it. Basically I want to enjoy the tournament now and what will be the question of the future. Such opportunities push me even more.”

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