November 28, 2021

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Minister Korczuk: Hungary buys unusually high buildings (Interview)

Foreign Minister Ivan Korsuk (SaS candidate) says in an interview with that a functioning EU is a vital interest of Slovakia and is above those of V4.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has abandoned you and the Hungarian government will not buy Slovak lands. How did this problem arise?

First, Slovakia and Hungary are not in conflict. Quite the opposite. My goal is to talk things through so they don’t spoil and swell. Because then they will get bigger and there will be a problem.

Second, I have a question why now. The only reason is that after the diplomatic or operational level, we communicated for a very long time, but the solutions did not come. I see this as an important moment for politicians to step in. I did this at the invitation of the Hungarian Foreign Minister. There is no politicization or internal political motives.

You can watch the interview with Ivan Korčok on Na rovinu:

Third, I don’t ask our Hungarian partners any higher standards. On the contrary, I ask what is customary between states – to report what they are doing on the territory of another state. It is all driven by one interest, which is to establish good relations with Hungary.

I note that the Hungarian side has repealed its land purchase legislation. I do not consider it a victory because we are neither in a struggle nor in a competition. This confirms that the Slovak Republic has put a relevant topic on the table.

The reaction of the Hungarian side is pragmatic, we communicate together. The first decision has already come to repeal the legislation on land purchases.

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Is this enough? They can not only buy land, but also real estate. They have already bought 3 houses in Kosice, including the former building of our Constitutional Court. Do you know what they will have?

I don’t know, that’s why I asked. By virtue of being Secretary of State – I do not deal with land or churches or buildings, but with relations between nations.

We learn from the media that the government of another country is allocating public resources for the purchase of land in Slovakia and that churches are being restored here. At such a moment – when I see that she deviates from the norm – it is my duty to ask about her.

You can listen to the entire interview in podcast form here:

There are certain standards that are not met. Citizens write to me, politicians and the media ask me how it is possible for another state to buy buildings – not only the Košice Consulate, but also Banska Bystrica. Yes, they have a consulate there, but I found out from the media.

You mentioned that there should be a consulate in one of those buildings in Kosice. Is this something you cannot allow as a ministry? Do you want to know about it in advance?

It is a normal procedure that Hungary also applies when buying its building in Bratislava. We didn’t know about it from the media. The country that is buying for embassy purposes will send a diplomatic note and say – We are interested in buying this building because we are going to set up our embassy in it.

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But this is not happening in Kosice now. why? How do you explain that?

I don’t know, which is why I ask our Hungarian colleagues. This is also why diplomatic contacts took place after our negotiations with Minister Peter Sigarteau. I can say that I later approached our Hungarian colleagues with a diplomatic note and asked them what other real estate they had in Slovakia.

Did they answer you too? Igor Matovich

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