January 21, 2022

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Milos Zeman published his diagnosis!  Andrej Babis allegedly surprised him

Milos Zeman published his diagnosis! Andrej Babis allegedly surprised him

“I am still being treated, not for Covid-19, but for indigestion,” Ziman said. According to news server iDNES.cz, the president spoke about his health for the first time since returning from hospital. “I lost about ten pounds, lost my appetite and have artificial feeding. I have a stomach probe.” he added. Recently, Zeman beat COVID-19. “I had an easy course because I had triple vaccines before. They gave me monoclonal antibodies and it was over in a few days.” He said.

In an interview, Zeman also mentioned that he is a supporter of compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus. “Vaccination against a whole range of diseases is mandatory in our country, if you add the Corona virus to it, nothing terrible will happen,” Added by the head of state. Zeman also mentioned in a TV interview that Prime Minister Peter Fiala had told him “I offered a personal guarantee”That the new Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky will act in accordance with the Government’s program statement. Compliance means maintaining a strategic partnership with Israel and supporting the Visegrad Four (V4).

“Mr. Fiala also assured me that there would be no German-Sudian days in the Czech Republic, so I finally agreed with a sad heart. The personal guarantee of the Prime Minister has weight. Had he not, I would not have called it.” explained in an interview with CNN President Prima News. According to Zeman, former Prime Minister Andrei Babis would be a good candidate for the post of head of state in the future. However, he allegedly surprised him by refusing to accept the mandate to form a government after the elections, he said in an interview.

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Zeman also spoke about his final year in the position. “Professor Zoral has banned me from traveling, so I will not look at Israel or China. This year will be a bit boring in my opinion.” President stated. According to him, he will be happy to see if the next presidential election “The boring or provocative candidate wins”.