January 21, 2022

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Microtransactions cheaper on the web: Facebook began to spoof fees for Apple and Google

Microtransactions cheaper on the web: Facebook began to spoof fees for Apple and Google

On the new site, the social network offers its default menu more useful than in the application.

  • Meta wants to make stars the bulk of Facebook.
  • In addition to separate sections with video and live streams, the stars will also be available for video in news, and even post for movie strips.
  • At the same time, Facebook launched a new page where you can buy stars at a cheaper price. You do not have to pay a 30% fee to Apple or Google.

Meta has launched a new website within its social network Facebook. It sells existing virtual “stars” more useful than in the mobile application, while payments from payment cards are processed directly by Facebook Pay. This allows the social network to override fees for Google and Apple, which can therefore amount to up to 30% of the transaction amount. Topic dedicate Web Tech Crunch.

The site is available at facebook.com/star. All you have to do is select the number of stars you want to buy in it, and if you are already logged into Facebook in a particular browser, all you have to do is fill in the payment details on the next page. You can pay directly by credit card or via PayPal.

Facebook doesn’t directly state that the new site’s role is to bypass fees in the Apple and Google app stores. On your blog, though ConfirmsThat users can get “more stars for their money” there. Meanwhile, it represents a discounted offer for stars and a temporary promotion, so it is doubtful Facebook will pass on the benefits of circumventing a 30% fee to users even after its end.

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Have a reminder that Facebook in the past on the topic of fees Discomfort with Apple.

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Facebook has won an exemption from Apple’s high fees. On another front…

Stars will become an important part of Facebook

Stars are used by Facebook users to financially support their favorite creatives, celebrities or other users of the social network. So it is not the real money that is sent directly, but this virtual currency instead. Users must first buy stars on Facebook, then have them stored in the wallet under the definition of the social network.

You can check your star balance at any time in the Facebook app, by switching to the View section, tapping Show More and then opening the Facebook Pay tab. So far, stars can only be used and purchased when watching videos or streaming. But this will change.

Meta wants to get specific stars wherever they communicate with their celebrity followers. So it will not only have the fair video and live streams in separate sections, but also display the video directly in the news. Next year wants to test the stars in Film strips (reels).

Other news includes various cash rewards designs that enable the achievement of a specific goal with stars, special badges for supporters or the tables of the most generous supporters of the community.

so finally inform The Shafa Network, a social network, has also introduced Professional Modes that features open monetization and access to relevant news for creators and celebrities. Currently, the professional profile mode is only available by invitation.

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