January 22, 2022

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piratska verzia Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft is offering a huge discount to users of the pirated version of Microsoft 365 to buy it right

Many of us think that what is on the Internet, including software, is free. However, the truth is that software, online content, and the like that we access must be created and worked on by someone. but still Many of us download different versions of software to our devices that circumvent the payment obligation. Microsoft Office is one of the most misused programs by hackers. For these users, Microsoft made an interesting offer. The portal drew attention to the topic hacks.net.

Do you have a pirate office? Microsoft will offer you a discount if you purchase it

The portal specifically refers to that Microsoft has started offering a discount to users who use a pirated copy of OfficeIf you purchased the software correctly.

According to the photos published by the Microsoft portal for these users offers a 50% discountIf they purchase the software. In addition to the notice in the application interface indicating the presence of an illegal copy of the software, Microsoft warns you about the risks associated with the use of this type of software. These are mainly the risks associated with data loss, lack of software support, but also security risks that arise from such modified third-party software.

Source: ghacks.net

If you want to know if you have a discount available, you need to Sign in with your Microsoft account to the company’s website, where you will see a discount later. The site also adds that the discount is only offered to users who have a pirated copy of the program. It should also be added that the discount is for the cloud service, not the offline package. In other words, the company wants to convert these users into regular customers who pay for the software.

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Microsoft_game on the program
Source: ghacks.net

Whatever the case, it is nice to Microsoft that they are actively trying to combat this problem and turn hackers into legitimate customers. By the way, if you are looking for a program of this type that is freely available, let us pay attention to you. These alternativesstanding on his head WPS Office.

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