January 21, 2022

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Microsoft is also introducing the new Office 2021, and we know the pricing

Microsoft is also introducing the new Office 2021, and we know the pricing

The boxed version of the Office suite appeared in parallel with Windows 11.

Under the new operating system Windows 11, a new generation of office suite has been launched as of yesterday. office 2021. This is the so-called besieged version of the product, that is, we only pay for the software once and not in the form of a subscription. However, we don’t get more additional services than Microsoft 365.

The new version of Office 2021 brings many innovations, while some functions can already be used by users of prepaid Microsoft 365 solutions (previously known as Office 365). For example, Microsoft highlights features and tools that are optimized for collaboration on individual documents or entire projects. Whether it’s collaboration within work teams or, say, family members.

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Microsoft also mentions several changes to improve the overall operation of the Office suite, and there is a wide range of support for dark mode, new icons, and the appearance of tabs in the ribbon. Office 2021 also supports the free ODF 1.3 format. Various functions have also been added in individual Office applications, we can use Microsoft Teams.

We also know the recommended selling prices. Office 2021 for students and families usually costs 149 euros, Office 2021 for families and entrepreneurs 299 euros. The license is valid for one computer, respectively. An Apple device running Windows 10, Windows 11, or macOS (the last three generations).

Microsoft also indicated that the older version of Office 2013 is no longer supported on the new Windows 11 operating system.

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However, the company has long made no secret of the fact that it highly recommends a comprehensive solution for Microsoft 365. However, the packaged version of the product may still be useful in certain circumstances. For example, in long-term use (since we only pay for the product once) and especially if it is a single user.

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