January 21, 2022

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Microsoft has problems with Bing and LinkedIn in China

The rules in China are different from what we know from Europe or the United States States.

Corporations have learned to accept the ruling Communist Party, but they do not always want or can meet their regulations. As stated by the agency Reuters, something similar is happening to Microsoft. This is a search engine bing and social networks LinkedInwhich ends in China.

If companies are unable to do business in accordance with Regulations in ChinaThey face penalties or bans. Home businesses have no choice, they know what they have to fulfill and the requirements of the business. However, this did not work for the aforementioned social network. According to the agency, Microsoft is ending its operations in the country due to “significantly more demanding operating environments and greater compliance requirements.” The situation with the Bing search engine is slightly different.

In the case of Bing, the point is to access freedom of information but to reconcile it with the definition of the word in China. Bing for 30 daysAt the request of the government, the automatic design function will be turned off. You know this from Google and other search engines, and Google has been a pioneer in this field. Fast internet, especially low latency, is also required for suggestions to appear in the search box as you type. Microsoft commented In terms of compliance with the requirements of state rights, but did not specify more. The discontinuation of this function at the instigation or instruction of the Chinese Government will not completely interrupt the declaration of free access to information provided by the Company as such.

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source: Reuters

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