November 28, 2021

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Microsoft and SEGA announced a strategic partnership

A common future.

Japanese publisher SEGA and Microsoft have announced to the world a strategic partnership primarily related to developing games using the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure. According to SEGA, this agreement will be an “essential part of the company’s long-term strategy” and Azure will be used in the development of the so-called Super Game, which will focus on global intervention, online components, community, and the use of SEGA’s trademarks.

This is the second moment SEGA has talked about its Super Game project. We first learned about this in an interview with investors in May: “We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Microsoft on the Super Game initiative and in developing games for the next generation,” said SEGA CEO Yujko Sujno.

“By considering a strategic partnership with Microsoft, we are looking to advance game development to make our games available to audiences around the world, and we are looking for an alliance that combines the strong development environment of SEGA with the cutting-edge technology and development environment from Microsoft..”

Sarah Bond, Vice President of Xbox added: “Sega has played an innovator role in the gaming industry and has been a key partner in recent years. We look forward to working with you in the future using Microsoft Cloud technology. Together, we can change the way games evolve, and how they work, to create greater value for gamers and SEGA.”

A similar strategic partnership was entered into in May 2019 by Microsoft and Sony.

Source: Eurogamer

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