January 22, 2022

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Microchip under the skin stores information about the Covid vaccine

Microchip under the skin stores information about the Covid vaccine

A small Swedish company has created a microchip capable of carrying all of your vaccination information. The chip can be implanted under the skin to prove your COVID vaccination status without having to pull out your registration card. “I have my COVID passport on a chip and the reason is I’ve always wanted to access it,” Hannes Sjoblad, CEO of Dsruptive Subdermals, explains, in the video. Once the chip is implanted in the body, simply hover the phone directly over it to open your COVID passport in a PDF file. So the slide simply opens the PDF.

Homemade Dsruptive devices are only 12-14 mm long and 2 mm wide. Inside there is a panel with an NFC antenna, and the outside is made of “bioglass”. The chip does not use any power source other than that used for NFC transactions. It only has 2KB of memory, but that memory has guaranteed functionality for 50 years, says Dsruptive.

The company began testing in humans last year and hopes to use the same chip technology on a larger scale, not just for vaccine passports. It is possible to store credit card information or measure body temperature. If you decide to install this chip, it will cost you 100 euros.

source: inputmag.com.

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