April 17, 2021

Michael Covey: Reopening UK schools ‘business transactions’ | World News

Michael Covey said the reopening of schools in January would involve “business transactions” with other corona virus controls, and one of the government’s top scientific advisers said there would be “very difficult choices” to keep the virus under control in January.

Downing Street and the Department of Education may make a decision Monday on whether schools can reopen on schedule in the face of calls from scientists to delay the start of the firewall since the limited Christmas mix was allowed. And in some parts of the UK.

Covey said he hopes elementary school students and 11th and 13th year students in the UK will be able to return in the first week of January, while the rest will return later in the month – but that will be kept under review.


“Teachers and headteachers have been working incredibly hard at Christmas, and schools have split to prepare for a new test regime – the social test – to ensure that children and all of us are safe,” he told Sky News. “We’re reviewing things, but that’s the plan.”

Cove told the BBC: “Our goal is to make sure the kids get back to school as soon as possible … We’m talking to teachers and headteachers to make sure we can deliver effectively, but we all know there are business exchanges.

“As a nation we have decided – I think it’s the right thing to do – we’re prioritizing children returning to school. But we have a new strain, and we need to be vigilant, even if Christmas is a very limited way of mixing.”

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Boris Johnson has previously refused to dismiss school closures, saying at a Downing Street press conference before Christmas that he wanted schools to reopen “if we can”.

Sir Jeremy Farrer, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Committee (Sage) for Emergencies, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that the arguments over the reopening of the school were neatly balanced, with the whole country facing some very difficult weeks.

“Of course my own view is that opening schools is an absolute priority. But the community – ultimately this is a political decision – should balance balancing the opening of schools with, if possible, closing other parts of the community,” said the director of the Welcome Trust.

“It’s a trade-off between one or the other. You can not have everything. You can not have community opening, school opening and higher education and universities, and put it below RI1 with this variation. I think there are some, very difficult choices. Next We are going to see this kind of pressure in two or three months. ”

Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green said parents would be concerned about reports that government science advisers were pushing for extended school closures.

“The government has failed to be honest with parents and students about returning to schools in January,” Green said, but stopped calling for a delay to resume.

“Parents, students and staff will be increasingly concerned by the drop of media reports that scientists have advised schools to close in January, but the Prime Minister is not clear on the advice he has received.”

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The Greens said it was a “cult of government failure” that put schools at risk of closure, and that Johnson should hold a press conference on Monday, following advice from Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Witty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Valens.