November 30, 2021

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Merkel will have nine people to be paid by the state when she leaves office

Merkel will have nine people to be paid by the state when she leaves office

You must continue to perform tasks for the benefit of the state.

Berlin. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will have nine state-funded aides after leaving office.

This comes from a document submitted to the General Assembly Main Committee, which was available for inspection by the Department of Political Affairs.

The chancellor’s office requires that Merkel, upon leaving office, be provided with an office manager and his deputy, two specialist assistants, three officials, and two drivers.

A statement of the reasons for this request stated that Merkel, 67, will continue to carry out tasks for the benefit of the state after the end of her 16-year term.

The DPA explains that it is common for former advisors to have their own offices and state-paid co-workers. Merkel’s predecessor, Gerhard Schroeder, was arrested by seven people after he left office in 2005.

In 2019, the relevant Bundestag Committee approved the rule that in the future, only five employees will have offices and heads available after leaving their posts.

Merkel will remain at the head of the government until a new office is appointed.

The team should become social democrat in December Olaf Schulz. German Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Green Party and Free Democratic Party On Tuesday, the Free Democratic Party announced its desire to present a draft coalition agreement next week.

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