January 21, 2022

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Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 test – the entrance gate to the electric Mercedes

The Mercedes EQA seems to offer everything you want from a luxury small SUV. It delivers the expected air of quality and sophistication, first-class interiors, innovative infotainment systems and technology systems demanded by buyers. This model is very similar to the GLA, but its electric “brother” can also stand on the back of the combustion brother.

The electric revolution is now gaining momentum and heading towards a date when manufacturers will no longer be able to sell new internal combustion vehicles. After introducing the all-electric EQC SUV in 2019, Mercedes made a clear decision. He is currently fully dedicated to his EQ model. This also includes the EQA model we tested and other EQB SUVs, the MPV EQV luxury sedan and the EQS luxury sedan.

one pedal ride

The all-electric EQA, based on the GLA model with an internal combustion engine, has a style similar to Mercedes’ smallest SUV. The most distinctive sign that you’re looking at a battery-powered vehicle is the sunken front grille. Mercedes seems to have preferred the comfort and refinement of an electric car over trying to offer a lot of sporty skills. The regenerative braking function allowed you to drive mostly with a single pedal, making it a little easier to drive around town.

Driving in an EQA is very simple and safe. I might see the problem in a slightly weaker control response. I’m not saying it’s bad. This means that enthusiastic drivers do not particularly enjoy time behind the wheel. The point is that EQA should bring driver and crew a feeling of comfort, not a sense of sportiness. The response to the accelerator depends on the specific situations. In ECO mode, it was very light, in Sport mode, it was very sharp. So COMFORT mode was perfect.

Comfort has a price

All EQA models are equipped with Mercedes Comfort suspension, although the customer has the option to upgrade to Premium Plus. It is equipped with adaptive shock absorbers to help ensure a more dynamic ride. This technology has only a minimal impact on EQA’s driving dynamics and can usually avoid the less attentive eye. Anyone who drives a fully electric car will likely appreciate the immediate effect of torque and quick acceleration from a steady start. EQA will not disappoint in this regard. Don’t expect sprints to compete with super sports, but acceleration will put you in the seat very quickly. For those looking for more safety on the road, it will be the EQA 4MATIC all-wheel drive versions. However, a front-wheel drive vehicle is an easier option, at around 65 kg.

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Mercedes claims the EQA has a maximum range of about 420 kilometers on a single charge. The actual range of pure electric vehicles can depend on many different factors. These include the vagaries of weather and driving style as well as the vehicle’s load and even the initial charge of the battery. In completely changed weather during testing, we came up with certain facts. The on-board computer is relatively accurate in terms of consumption. We managed to cover about 350 kilometers on a single charge. The fact that the on-board computer is relatively accurate would be ideal for people who have concerns about real travel. Charging capacity of up to 100 kW is sufficient. Charging an EQA battery from 10-80% using a fast charger can take about 30 minutes.

Consumption is a matter of moods and driving styles used. As part of the cross-district drive, we were able to drive at a rate of 12.6 kWh per 100 km. When we visited the highway, the consumption was about 20 kWh per 100 km. And in the city, in an area where this car feels right at home, we achieved a consumption level of about 14.1 kWh per 100 km.

Just an electric car

Instead of designing and building a platform specifically designed for the all-electric EQA, Mercedes decided to adapt the existing architecture to the small GLA SUV. A space has been created under the car’s floor to store the electric motor and battery. The platform has been reinforced to withstand this extra load. With an unloaded weight of more than 2,000 kg, the EQA is a relatively heavy vehicle. It weighs up to 500 kg more than the closely related GLA model.

The EQA has softer lines compared to the rest of the A-Class family, along with an overlaid front visor. The goal is to create a smooth exterior that helps reduce unwanted air friction. It is a matter of achieving cleaner air movement. The front and rear sections feature headlights that are threaded across the entire width of the vehicle. The panels on the side marked with EQA will also alert you that you are sitting in an electric vehicle. Dimensionally, EQA is definitely not a crumb. The EQA model measures 4,463 mm in size and is 53 mm larger than the GLA. We’ll talk more about the interior later. But we already have one piece of information that will tell you more about it. The wheelbase of the EQA is 2729 mm.

External design can be discussed. Some like it, some less. Our model had a very interesting color. Although the mountain gray “Designo Magno” costs 1,850 euros, it is this that gives the car a smug smile. Combined with the accessories in black, the car will surely land.

The quality is well known

Inside, the perceived quality remains high with a number of materials pleasant to the touch at the common focal points. Standard equipment is very generous, while the popular AMG-Line gear looks more aggressive from the outside as well as below. The interior includes sports seats, a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel in nappa leather and a number of aluminum trims. Another step up to the Premium and Premium Plus packages brings luxury items such as a sliding panoramic glass sunroof, a wireless smartphone charging pad, a head-up display, and power-adjustable front seats with memory function.

The EQA also has two 10.25-inch screens that provide a wide view over the top of the dashboard. The intuitive infotainment system is excellent, has sharp graphics and a touchscreen that responds quickly to any input.

You have the option of upgrading satellite navigation to “Augmented Reality”. It will help you steer by dropping arrows directly onto the roads in front of you. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard in the EQA line, along with a nine-speaker audio system. The Premium package adds another speaker to the mix, while the Premium Plus versions get the latest Burmester surround sound system with 12 speakers and a total output of 590 watts.

No need to worry about space

The all-electric Mercedes EQA is a comfortable and refined compact SUV. Very little noise gets inside on the road. The seats offer a high level of comfort and convenience. Additional features such as a power-operated tailgate, reversing camera and heated seats are part of the equipment we tested and complemented the EQA’s premium impression.

The interior works very well. The crew in the front seats will not suffer from a shortage of space. In general, the cabin looks exclusive and you can see that you are sitting in the premium class of the car. EQA offers decent interior space with plenty of room in the back. Even taller passengers in the rear seats will have plenty of legroom and upstairs. Of course, we can’t compare this space to limousines or larger SUV models. But the interior is actually enough for its class.

Let’s sum it up

If you really want to look at the triceps star in front of you, EQA is an interesting option, but make sure it works the way that best suits your needs. Make sure to live with some trade-offs before you buy an EQA. Pricing for the EQA model as standard starts at €51,708. The model we tested with a really bold piece of optional equipment pulled the price tag as low as €64,350, including VAT.

Like it or not, the age of electric cars has begun and we have to look that way too, and if you’re a fan of the Mercedes brand, you know that at Mercedes, the fabric isn’t subject. The EQA also brings you complete comfort and what simply belongs to a triceps star. The EQA certainly isn’t a model for everyone. The design may discourage some, and some because of the price. But one thing is for sure, Mercedes in the EQA model has brought to market an interesting type of small SUV with a dose of German comfort and quality.

engine asynchronous elektromotor
Battery type and capacity 66.5 kWh
the above. performance 140 kW
the above. torque 375 N
WLTP access 424 km
Tree Before
moving in 1 stage
Dimensions, weights and sizes
Length 4463 mm
an offer 1834 mm
Height 1620 mm
wheelbase 2729 mm
Total Domain (WLTP) 424 km
maximum speed 160 km/h
Luggage space size 340 liters
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 8,9 s
Consumption (electric motor)
City 14.1 kWh
highway 19.9 kWh
Regions 12.6 kWh
middle 15.5 kWh
Model base price from 51708 €
Test version price 64350 EUR

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