January 16, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Meet Amika. It is the most advanced robot with perfect human facial expressions

The world’s most advanced robotic robots appeared. Engineers from the British company Engineered Arts woke him up to show the world what he can do. Reuters writes that he has frighteningly realistic facial features with perfect facial expressions, thanks to which you can recognize individual emotions.

The robot was named “Amika”. A video of only 40 seconds has become a huge hit on the Internet in a short time. Amika seems to wake her up and move her hands.

Although the robot has a gray “skin”, it is the best robotic version of a human to date. Engineered Arts considers it the best humanoid robot ever created to communicate with humans.

The short video draws people to the CES 2022 technology fair, which will be held in January in Las Vegas, USA. Ameca will be the main point of the programme.

Engineered Arts has always focused on developing modern robotics. Many of them are already presented in theme parks, at trade events, or at science centers.

The company has been operating since 2004, founded by Will Jackson. Her most successful projects include Mesmer and RoboThespian, Amecy’s predecessors.

“The reason we made a human-like robot is that it interacts with people. The human face is a broadband communication tool, which is why we wanted to get as close to it as possible.”

Ameca is the culmination of 15 years of work by a large group of people, and one such robot costs more than £100,000 (€117,000).