January 29, 2022

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Medical examinations for foreigners will be mandatory in Russia

Foreigners will also have to undergo fingerprinting. They will be tested for tuberculosis, syphilis and HIV every three months.

Russia will introduce mandatory medical examinations and fingerprints for foreigners, DPA reported on Wednesday.

Under the new rules, foreigners will have to undergo medical examinations every three months from the beginning of next year.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it would look for “favorable conditions” for foreign media professionals and their families, and that “important foreign managers for Russia could widely distance themselves from Russia.”

The chamber called on the Russian government to relax the rules.

According to the rules, foreigners must be screened for tuberculosis, syphilis and HIV. The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce claims that results must be sent to the Russian Immigration Office, and fingerprints are required. Anyone who refuses to comply is at risk of having their work permit revoked.

However, the Russian authorities claim that the new measure is a health measure that will benefit the country.

According to the DPA, it is not clear whether foreigners will have to leave Russia or face other consequences if tests show they are sick.

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