January 28, 2022

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McDonald has trouble delivering ingredients in the UK and he missed cocktails

McDonald has trouble delivering ingredients in the UK and he missed cocktails

KFC and Nando also have issues.

August 24, 2021 at 2:16 pm TASR

London. Milkshakes have been exhausted in all UK operations due to supply chain problems at American fast food company McDonald’s.

The well-known burger vendor was without bottled drinks at 1,250 operations in England, Scotland and Wales.

A spokesman told the group there were problems with the supply chain, but “worked hard to recoup the supply of these items”.

McDonald’s is not alone

McDonald’s is another company that has suffered from supply problems after Nanto’s network was forced to close about 50 restaurants last week due to a shortage of chickens. Suppliers are said to have no staff and some truck drivers.

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Competing KFC recently pointed out problems in the supply chain, for which some items had to be temporarily excluded from the offer.

Businesses in sectors across the UK are facing supply chain crises, especially the lack of truck drivers. The reason, on the one hand, is the new immigration rules for EU (EU) citizens after Brexit, as well as the restrictions associated with the disease. COVID-19, Especially forced isolation.

Many conductors are isolated

The number of drivers is also reduced by so-called pingtemia, which is the name for 10 days of compulsory self-isolation among those who have been identified by a government application as having close contact with someone who tested positive for Govt-19.

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Business groups representing the retail and transport sectors have already called on the London-based government to reconsider plans to issue temporary work visas for EU drivers.

In late July, the Financial Times wrote that in the week leading up to July 14, the British NHS Healthcare Administration ordered 600,000 people to self-isolate.

The number of “pinks” from the NHS Covit Test and Trace application has increased by 17% with people being in close contact with the corona virus positive.

In the same week that ended July 14, the number of new Covid-19 cases daily in the UK rose by more than 60%, the highest level since mid-January.