December 7, 2021

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Mbappe’s arrival would be great, but let’s not get over it

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Newcastle United has become one of the most popular brands of the traditional English club, having new owners after fourteen years. The sale of the four-time champions to a consortium portfolio led by the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) was completed last Thursday after being sacked by the Premier League’s management.

The goalkeeper of the Slovak national team Martin Debravka was in the “strike” team for the fourth season, with whom we collaborated and took charge of this very interesting situation, in which Newcastle actually became the richest football club in the world.

Goalkeeper Martin Debravka has had new owners at Newcastle United since last Thursday, who own huge assets.

Martin, let’s start with your current state of health. How does rehabilitation develop after foot surgery?

“My legs are getting better, and I am very happy with that. Last Friday I put another load on it and it looked good. I think the next workouts will be the same. If all goes as planned, I can start training with the team soon.”

I received a special treat in London over the weekend. What was that about?

“I got plasma in my joint, and they used a special laser to correct the scar, which I had inflammation, and I also got special injections directly into the scar. We do this so that I can function normally, so that my football boots and the like don’t push me.

They warned me that it would never be the same again, but I think it wouldn’t limit my performance. We will see what the reaction will be after the injection, because it also depends on when exactly I will return to full training. However, I definitely want to move forward, at least working with the goalkeeper coach.”

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Newcastle United changed owners last week. The largest owner is the Public Investment Fund, which is headed by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, with assets estimated at more than 290 billion euros. How did you respond to this message?

“It’s a plus for everyone. The new owner has the ambition to raise the club and restore its former glory. Who wouldn’t want Newcastle to fight for the top again? During the week we should meet with the new representatives of the club as a player’s booth, where they will tell us more. I myself,” he said. I’m curious.The owner has huge assets and wants to invest, which is definitely a good thing.

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On the other hand, it is not good to dwell on it from my site. Just because he has the money doesn’t mean he’s going to waste it now. And suddenly everything will be different. I suppose new people have prepared an interesting project, especially for the long term. In addition, the whole process must also comply with the rules of financial fair play, so spot and headless shopping cannot be expected.

If we take Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain, the reconstruction also took a long time. Of course, I think I will live to see the Newcastle player. I like to note those nice times, because my career is dwindling. So far I’ve been able to play in the European Cup with every club so far and it would be great if I tried it here in Saint Petersburg. James Park.

However, staff rebuilding can also affect your participation. Are you ready for it?

“Every footballer, in every club, has to reckon with something like this. The Premier League is the best league in the world with the most money. I have faced competition in every workplace. Wherever I am, I have had to fight for my place. Nothing has changed so far with the arrival of the new owners. If they decide to strengthen the goalkeeper position, I will fight for a position in goal, but I have done so until now.

But first we have to look to save ourselves this season. This is our main goal. We have to start collecting points and work out where the shoe is going to push us. It is basically a change of opportunity. We get to them, but we don’t score goals. I think that will change soon.”

Since an interesting arrival can be expected, now everyone will be able to fight more aggressively for their position in the team. Could this be an immediate advantage for Newcastle in the upcoming league rounds?

On the other hand, the Premier League itself should be the biggest possible motivation for everyone to show maximum performance. However, I agree that this could be a new motivation for players whose contracts have to be terminated. It is necessary to appear as soon as possible, in terms of The ideal was right after the national team went away at home against Tottenham. It would be great to get a good result right away and delighted not only the new owners, but also our fans.”

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Martin Dibravka wearing the Newcastle United shirt

Zdroj: Getty Images

How did they react to the arrival of the new owners?

“The reactions were unreal. To be honest, I’ve never experienced anything like this in Newcastle. I just went into town to buy some things and people kept stopping me. A lot of them were already energized and could be seen celebrating. But no wonder Mike Ashley, the owner The current one, he wasn’t very popular. There were probably five or six thousand people in front of the stadium, which is very difficult. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if the club won the championship title or some other cup. I think I will test it again… ”

The club’s co-owner, Amanda Staveley, has stated that the goal is to win the league title within ten years. what do you think?

“Hopefully soon, as I can’t imagine playing football when I was 42.” So many times before I say that my ambitions are always the highest. In this case, this means playing European competitions. So we have to take a high place in the Premier League, or win one of the cups at home.

But I don’t want to overtake. Right now it’s really about getting as many points as possible quickly and correcting our taste after a poor start to the season. We know we’ve also lost points in matches with playable opponents. We need to improve performance and results so that our fans can celebrate something other than selling the club.”

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How did the British media react?

“I basically broke my legs so I didn’t read or watch anything. However, we have TVs turned on in the training center, so I saw everyone was selling Newcastle. It’s really a big deal for the club and the city, but also for the whole competition. However, I personally try to stay away from that. I take it as a fact, albeit a very positive fact. Newcastle will have a chance to fight for higher positions, which will attract everyone. Playing every season, especially to save, is very amazing mentally.”

However, it can also be amazing if the club buys a new goalkeeper in the near future and earns his resounding name…

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“I want to catch her too, that’s the most important thing for me. I know I have to meet quickly so I can come back in goal. That’s why I signed a long contract and that’s why they offered me at the club. I think the new owners will count on me, that I deserved the place with previous offers.

But at the same time, I will have to prove it and confirm it again on the field. If they decide to bring someone else, that’s their business. I have no choice but to fight for my place. But I don’t think about it now. I only need a few days and I will go to the event.”

However, if you watch a bit, Jan Oblak or Keylor Navas will be in the perfect line-up for Newcastle in the coming seasons. What would it be like to work at one club with such goalkeepers?

“Interesting for sure, but also challenging. If I had a goalkeeper with that big name next to me we probably wouldn’t start from the same starting line. But I definitely wouldn’t give up. Even the goalkeepers who are now at the club are of their quality. Plus they’re English, so I have to I’m working hard to get another chance to catch her.”

In terms of other potential enhancements, Kylian Mbappe’s image is the most suitable for a Newcastle shirt by the various graphic programmes. What would you say about such a purchase?

“It would be inconceivable for this player to come to us. He could do better with Alain Saint-Maximin, whom they met in Monaco. However, I have already heard a lot of names who should come here … Mbappe said he would like to go to Real. Madrid, and it will be difficult to beat that. People also send Neymar or others here. We will see how it turns out, but it is certain that the project, which will be presented to us by the new owners, will likely be run on a medium or long track.

I don’t think it will be easy to convince players to come to Newcastle if they have to fight for the top in a few years. The biggest stars will want success right away. However, I suppose an interesting name will come in January. Also to show the owners that they are really serious about reborn Newcastle as a successful club.”