January 21, 2022

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May is a time of love and fun.  What traditions do you hide this month?

May is a time of love and fun. What traditions do you hide this month?

“May was a time of love and closeness but also a time of dancing. May building began such a popular entertainment, under the open sky, that it continued all summer.” says ethnologist Katrina Nadaska.

However, the construction of Mayo itself was not at all and even today it is not easy. The men had to cut down a tree a few meters high, mostly fir or birch, and then decorated it with various ribbons or bows.

Because Mai had a chosen girl at home Expressing respect and serious concern, he also had to look good and be firmly in the ground so he wouldn’t fall. “He was a real robot. That’s why the guys helped each other out so much. But they also competed.” Nadaská continues.

Women also competed

Singles often had to guard their power so that competitors wouldn’t drop it or damage it. However, it was not only men who competed with each other. The girls also competed which one would have the highest or most beautiful May. And when the girl was pretty fat, they could build it in front of the house for a few May.

On the other hand, the girls were uninterested Or old girls, i.e. girlswho have been in existence for more than 20 years. “In order not to pity the old girls, at least they had twigs in the window. But the annoying old girls didn’t get anything that was a great shame,” An ethnologist explains the customs of Slovaks.

May construction today

According to Katrina Nadaska, building in May was a typical rural custom, but over time it also spread to cities. Nowadays, the Mayans are built to a lesser extent for specific girls. Instead, they like to place it in the square or in front of important buildings in cities

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Endless Love

But on May 1, there’s another beautiful custom. Kissing under a blooming cherry. “Since this is a magical tree, their love shall last forever.” Nadaska says. A kiss under a cherry should ensure that a woman is loved. But this year we are competing with nature. Summer weather came to us a little earlier and cherries blossomed a long time ago. “The season came much earlier, so romantics in the southwest of the Slovak Republic and in the lowlands of eastern Slovakia will not find blooming cherries. But they can go on a trip to the northern regions of Slovakia, such as جيلelina, Brezno or Kishmruk, where they can still find flowering cherries. ” Offered a solution for gardeners.

witches night

The first night of May from April 30 to May 1 is associated with the power of dark beings. During this night, all witches and striga . gathered From the surroundings in the dark places to agree a strategy to destroy as many places as possible in the village.

Fields containing newly planted plants were usually the focus of their attention. Therefore, all the owners always gathered in one place and gradually walked through the village, making a lot to frighten the runs.

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