October 21, 2021

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Martin Okertel says after his first experience after returning to the Slovak League he was not needlessly underestimated

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Martin Okertel’s return to the Slovak League is a reality. The 36-year-old made his debut with Trnava’s Spartak on Friday in a match against Sirio (2:0). The start was victorious after the goals of Cabral and Boateng, to which the former captain of the Slovak national team also contributed with clean work.

With the number 37 on the shirt, he did not lose a single duel, in several situations he applied his general outlook. Rupture after the match. The thanks the fans gave after the match to the fans ended up being his captain. Many fans longed for the joint photos, his fan came from Azerbaijan to sign the Liverpool shirt, of course, it was necessary to “release” the winning choirs in the booth and also pay attention to the media. Martin Škrtel chased everything …

How would you rate your first show in Trnava yourself?

“We just knew it. I’m relieved that we won, so they confirmed Michalovci’s victory. Personally, I’m glad he finally came. Waiting behind me, it’s been a long time and I’m happy because even after my arrival the team hasn’t scored a goal. So far we haven’t collected that many goals.” And I’m especially glad I didn’t spoil anything here.”

Have you also experienced any nervousness or tremors?

“Not even a jerk, but such an expectation as I said: Seven months of not having a match is a very long time and I was curious about how to jump into that match. It was way too intense at first, but it got better with time. I needed to win a duel. In a match, give a good ball to start the faith. There are coaches and fans to assess my performance, and I’m glad we didn’t combine.”

After the victory over Sereď, Spartak jumped to first place in Sunday’s match between Slovan and Zilina.

“I am very happy, but the conditions are the same. We are done, but the season is still long. When we go from one game to the next with such performances and a conscious approach, we can achieve the goal and move forward.”

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Photo Gallery

Spartak Trnava players, Martin Ukertel, second from the left

Source: fcspartaktrnava.com / Lukáš Grinaj

What about Achilovka?

“She’s fine, it doesn’t limit me in any way. Since the start of this match I’ve caught up with the speed a little bit, because the time without football was very long and the trainings are different from playing the match. With minutes and procedures, it’s getting better and better. I’m glad it turned out the way it happened. I think I will get better with every match.”

How did you work with Sebastian Koch on The Tracked Couple?

“I think it’s a good thing, whether it’s wrestling or training. It worked out there, but not only with him, but also with the other guys out there, whether it’s Philippe Toarzek or Gergeli Toma. The competition on roving excursions is good. These guys have quality. It’s good and we can only move forward.”

I spoke to Kochi during game breaks. Is it directed?

“We just learned it. I don’t mean to say that I am surprised, but for his age he is hugely confident, yet humble and humble. He understands and is aware of football. I think we are growing not only for Trnava, but for the entire Slovak football tracker, which He can shuffle the cards in the national team in the future as well.”

But did you think you were a little mad at him in pre-game training?

“These guys are getting bolder, but I think that’s part of it. And sometimes it doesn’t hurt to wish the boys good taste.”

How do you see the Slovak League? You’ve been away from her for a long time, but you’ve definitely been keeping an eye on her…

“I think it has not been unnecessarily underestimated. During my time here, both at the club and in terms of the match I can play, the players in it can be seen to be of their quality. I would say it is a mixture of outstanding, good and experienced players. There is atmosphere everywhere like here, it will be better.”

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Photo Gallery

Martin Skrtel and Sebastian Koussa

Source: TASR

How did you look at the fans and their number?

“I am glad that many of them attended as I did, and I believe that despite the conditions and procedures, they will still be allowed to go to the matches. The most the better. Not just for me, but for the players and the team. He plays well and deserves their support.”

How did you score that in the 37th minute of the match, the fans began to sing a hymn in which they were greeted again in Trnava?

“Of course, it is always good to feel the support of the fans, but as I have said many times, it is not just about me, it is about the team and the club and I think that the coexistence of the fans with the team is an excellent level. I think we will continue to enjoy them with our performance and results, and I think their numbers In the stands it will increase.”

So how are you in Trnava so far?

“I found a lively and dusty environment. The cabin is excellent and works well. I can say that the boys accepted me from day one. There was no problem on my part. I am glad to be part of this team on the field. I believe that with time, my performance and their performance will improve.” “.

You have had many debuts. in Trenchen, Zenith, Liverpool, Turkey. Was this different? Because you’re another Martin Skrtel?

“For sure there was a responsibility, not in terms of being someone else, but because I played at home again. Working abroad and working in Slovakia is different, there is a different sense of responsibility. But so far, everything is working as it should, and I think it will stay that way. As the number of matches increases, I hope that the results will be as we hope and we will achieve them at the end of the season.”

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A young man from Azerbaijan was waiting for you in a Liverpool shirt after the match. What was that about?

“She’s a fan. I don’t want to say we’re in touch, but he’s been following and supporting me since I was at Liverpool and he’s been doing that until now. He will always please – such loyal and loyal fans. Maybe taking a picture with him and signing his shirt is the least I can do.” He did it for him. He was already here, I think, the last time, but we couldn’t meet. I’m out now.”

He wants to give experience

Even before the match, Martin Ukertel, in an interview with the club’s website, spoke about how he perceives the players in the ring positions in Spartak. It is noteworthy that Nigerian midfielder Izuchokwu Anthony moved to the Israeli club Hapoel Haifa in the previous days.

“I think Jerry Thoma and Spo Koch have come into good jobs. If I am one of those who can help them grow, I will be very happy. From my personal experience, I know that when a young boy comes into the team, it will help if there is an experienced player next to him who can Learning from him. I had such people in Trenchen when I started – Ondrej Omelko, Milan Minik, as well as Alexander Homer, in the Stanno Varga national team. I tried to get as much of them as possible, because they were already experienced at the time,” Martin Škrtel said.