January 27, 2022

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Mars looks like delicious candy in the image of an amazing spacecraft

The red planet looks good enough to be eaten as a crater of orbiting gases.

European Space Agency / Roscosmos / Cassis

It’s part of the story Welcome to Mars, our series Exploring the Red Planet.

Mars is so amazing, I can eat it, and the shot from the Trace Gas Orbiter spacecraft just cemented my desire to eat breakfast on the Red Planet. ESA published the scene In late December, the scene was described as “sprinkling powdered sugar on a cake rich in red clothes.”

TGO is a joint mission of the European Space Agency and the Russian space agency Roscosmos. In the middle of last year, I made a great photo of a typical Martian crater 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) wide.

The cake-like appearance comes from the “contrasting colors of bright white water ice against the wild red Martian soil,” the European Space Agency said in a statement. The crater is located in the Vasitas Borealis region, a flat region near the north pole of the planet.

The white snow in the crater is very visible in places where it does not receive much sunlight. The rim around the crater is likely made of dark volcanic material, while the strange landscapes around the crater are shaped by wind.

TGO is part of the ESA and Roscosmos ExoMars program, which Send a rover to the planet later this year. The spacecraft catalogs atmospheric gases and searches for water sources on and near the surface. You have revealed what the scientists suspected “Hidden Water” in a huge valley on MarsAnd

As Mars will limit the food resources of future human explorers, the planet may never host a true red cake. We have to go through this hole.

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