October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Mars colonization problems. Staying in space for long periods of time damages the brains of astronauts

The researchers analyzed blood samples from five astronauts before and after spending an extended period in space, averaging 169 days, and were not satisfied with the results. They suggest that long-term stay in the universe causes brain damage, informs science alert gate.

For the first time, we have a guide

Previous studies in space have addressed the harmful effects of space travel on the human brain, but scientists have evidence for the first time. In the blood samples of five astronauts, they found elevated levels of three biomarkers associated with brain damage.

American astronaut Robert L. and European astronaut Christer Vogelsang in 2006 during the construction of the International Space Station. Source: NASA

“This is the first time we’ve documented evidence of brain cell damage in blood tests right after spaceflight.” Henrik Zetterberg, a neuroscientist from Sweden commented University of Gothenburg.

He also argues that this finding needs to be addressed in more depth and resolved if space travel is to become more common. It is not yet known to what extent, if any, the brains of the tested astronauts were damaged, but the increased level of dangerous biomarkers is alarming enough to attract attention.

Space Workout

Is this serious?

To stay in the universe has a huge impact on the human body, and astronauts must train regularly on the International Space Station on specially designed fitness equipment to help them maintain as much muscle as possible.

Brain MRI scans also indicate that long-term stay in the universe has a negative effect on brain function. However, the researchers say, study It is still in its infancy and needs further development.

Thomas Bisquet / European Space Agency / NASA / Flickr

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It is not yet clear which extraterrestrial factor is causing the increased levels of unwanted substances. Weightlessness can be blamed, but also, for example, very stressful situations such as launching a rocket and landing a spacecraft.

Every problem has a solution

“If we can learn what causes these changes, the biomarkers we develop can help us find the best solution to the problem,” Zetterberg adds. A biomarker is a substance used to determine a biological state.

Solving similar problems related to long-term survival in space is essential to the tasks that humanity is currently planning. While the United States NASA China and Russia plan to establish laboratories with a permanent human presence on the moonSpaceX wants to colonize Mars as quickly as possible.


It hasn’t happened yet The greatest project ever made by mankind, but also the most complex and demanding. Of course, Muskov SpaceX can’t do this alone Provide key technology (missile transportation, spaceships)The whole world will have to participate. The health of the brave astronauts who took part in such a mission is critical.