October 22, 2021

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Marian Hossa: After the contract abroad ended, he began to deal with frozen products

Marian Hossa: After the contract abroad ended, he began to deal with frozen products

The legendary Slovak hockey player and three-time winner of the prestigious Stanley Cup hockey award has thrown himself into the action after his contract abroad expired. He became the sole owner, and therefore the only owner of Poprad, which is engaged in the production of frozen semi-finished products, and at the same time is the main distributor of the HoReCa segment. The company known as HO&PE became the Hossa family after the rebranding.

Photo: Hessa family

He plans to invest 22 million

The Hossa family plans not only to expand the number of products, but also to build a new plant in western Slovakia. Planned investment You will climb over the following years up to 22 million euros. Not only production in Poprad will be modernized, but the entire logistics service will be strengthened, from the car fleet to the construction of new warehouses.

Hessa family now It produces 300 kinds of products with a volume of 10 million pieces per year. It involves the preparation of more than 5,000 tons of flour products (mainly pancakes, mashed dumplings, dumplings) and the processing of more than 600 tons of meat (as well as cheese and vegetables). However, the main activity of the company is Logistics and distribution services. This includes the above products, as well as other goods for gastronomic establishments, wholesalers and retail food retailers.

Bringing hockey discipline to work

“Our goal is to continue in the coming years To build a modern customer-oriented company, which contains a wide range of high quality Slovak dishes. These are traditional dishes that the customer can easily prepare himself. The second important part of the business is the supply of gastronomic establishments. here we want Focus on the speed and reliability of deliveries, but also on preparing meals for chefs. We are working on it Focusing on the discipline you brought from hockeyM. Hessa says.

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Hessa’s family currently has 250 employees. she has Three warehouses a Seven logistics warehouses. It contains approximately 3,500 inventory items, which are distributed to customers by 61 cars. Thus, the goods can reach 11,000 operations in Slovakia within 12 to 24 hours of ordering. The company’s annual turnover in 2020 amounted to 35.5 million euros.

Who is Marian Hessa?

He is a Slovak hockey legend. It started in Dukla Trenčín. He has appeared in the national team jersey six times at the World Championships, three times at the Winter Olympics and once at the World Cup. He started in the Canadian-American NHL in 1997 at the Ottawa Senators. He gradually moved to the Atlanta Trashers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings and finally to the Chicago Blackhowks, with whom he managed to win the Stanley Cup three times. In 2017, he cut his career off due to a severe allergy to hockey gear and has not appeared on the ice since.