December 7, 2021

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Marcel Hachack received an offer he didn’t turn down

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Last season, Marcel Haschak attracted the crowd in Poprad with a season of 84 points and 45 goals. He moved to Kometa Brno, where he was not very successful. There was great interest in his transfer. He finally scored in Slovan Bratislava until 2024. The experienced winger skated in a white jersey yesterday in his first practice session.

I hope I don’t offend anyone in Poprad, but I see greater ambitions in the Slovenian language, says Marcel Hayek

Haschak knew he had ended up in Brno a few days earlier. “I ended up in Comet at my own request. I needed to solve family problems. Slovan called and offered me a contract that he didn’t refuse. I want to help him play better and do something,” The wingman said.

It is reported that Bratislava FC offered him a contract that made him the highest-paid player in the extra league. “I do not wish to comment on the contract,” An experienced hockey player continued to sign with the Slavs until 2024. “I wanted to make sure and create the best possible conditions for myself and my family. I am happy that they trust me in Slovan and I hope to return to them with performances on the ice.”

Last year, Haščák set the handicap very high with an impressive season with 84 points. “Goals and assists are part of that, but first and foremost I want to help the team succeed.”

A shooter that increases competition

Slovan Bratislava’s manager, Maroš Krajči, also commented on the move. “We knew Marcel wasn’t happy in Brno, and his record wasn’t what he imagined. He didn’t play his first power game. We started communicating through an agent. We convinced him to sign a long-term contract. It’s not a matter of one year. We want to have players that are similar in The team. He’s the winning type, and he’s the scorer who will increase the competition in the team. It was already visible in the first training session,” Assessment of an experienced reinforcement official.

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Apart from Slovan, he was very interested in the return of his native Poprad. “Gurnee people tried to do everything to get me back under the Tatras. I thought about it for two days, but in the end I decided to use Slovan. I am very happy that we have a good relationship with the people and he understood why I made this decision. It was difficult. I hope not to hurt or get angry Anyone in Poprad. I know there will be individuals who will not have enough. Last year I ran a robot at 100 percent, and now another offer has arrived. I see even greater ambitions in Slovan.”

Our goals are clear. We also aim for this by playing and contracting players. We want to win the title. Every Slovak hockey player is better for us than a hockey player. Slovenian cohabitation – Poprad has always succeeded, whether it is Martin Kosha, Slavo Pavlicko or David Skokan. I won’t let poprad players. It is a guarantee of quality,” Karaji said.

Marcel Haskak (HC Slovan Bratislava)


Still thinking about the national team

With a promotion like Haščák, it is clear that for a Bratislava club there will be something other than a title failure in the centenary season. “At Poprad, we did everything to achieve success, which we did not succeed in. I like to play in the highest positions, and that is why I came to Bratislava. It is always better to have the longest season possible,” said the attacker.

Last year, the experienced striker with Poprad had a great run, when he just beat Slovan. “Everyone is rioting against the Slavs and wants to appear. I have always enjoyed playing against him, because he was playing hockey and there was also a great stadium in Bratislava. I am grateful that I was able to beat Slovan last year. I think it will now be the other way around,” The latest addition to the Bratislava club has continued.

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At the age of 34, he hasn’t given up on the team he last played in last year. “I still want to play for the national team. If I do well, maybe something will come of it. We’ll see,” Marcel Hashack added.

Players also wanted capital

Slovan Bratislava’s administration was also considering other reinforcements. Follow the evolution of the finished Bratislava Capitals Club. “We were greeted mainly by young players. We also talked about something about our farm club. We might have been interested in the Legion, but in the end we decided that way.” Marosh Karaji said.