October 21, 2021

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Maracinanu advises the French not to go to Russia in the quarter-finals

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If the Blues qualify for the quarterfinals tonight, they will play it against Croatia or Spain in St. Petersburg. Sports Minister Roxana Maracinanu was invited today d’Europe 1. Faced with Russia’s health condition, he asks French supporters not to go there if the Blues qualify: “It’s hard for real football fans who want to support this French team, I can only imagine it. So we have to be careful, I’ll tend to say, ‘Let’s follow them, we’ll encourage them from France.’

Mandatory isolation on return

This news should not have delighted the fans who had planned to go. It is certain that the French team will have every intention to go beyond the eighth and quarter. The minister said travelers to Russia would have to be in isolation on their return and could not go to Wembley for the semifinals. Watching a football match is not considered a mandatory factor.

How will supporters behave? They will already be less in Romania this evening due to travel difficulties.


Sports Minister Roxana Maracinanu has officially advised French fans against going to the quarterfinals in St. Petersburg. People returning from Russia should be in isolation and not be able to go to London for the semifinals.

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