November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Many people with such injuries do not have part of the leg. I want to go to the Olympics

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Austrian skier Nicole Schmidhofer has been through a hell of a time when she can get back on the slopes after a terrible fall and start working on her goal of going to the Olympics. I set it up while the wounded woman waited for the rescuers.

Schmidhofer’s previous season ended shortly before Christmas in Val d’Isere, France, when she fell hard on the bottom and flew over the hurdles. The race was stopped for 15 minutes before the ski was tackled and taken on a stretcher.

“I walked 116 kilometers per hour. I wiped the bump on the ground, my sled broke, and then there was nothing I could do. I still remember thinking at that moment, ‘Damn, Grid!” She mentioned the incident in an interview with the Courier portal.

Then I saw the sky above me and thought, ‘Am I really flying over the net now?’ “At first I could move my legs. I sat and waited for someone to come. Only then did I notice that I had lost everything during the fall. I no longer had gloves or a helmet that ripped me off. Apparently it was fine too. I think it would suffocate me otherwise. But until then, I put A new goal.

And very long. Schmidhofer told herself that she would definitely not miss the Winter Olympics in Beijing. However, the hospital seemed more skeptical about her future. The first forecasts were not at all optimistic. Doctors were not sure if he would come back, which, of course, was associated with the end of his sports career.

“Forty percent of people with these injuries don’t have lower limbs. For God’s sake, everything is still in place. If you go to a rehab center and the first person who comes to you loses part of their leg, it’s going to break. And you’ll realize you can be in this.” Attitude too. It has been a huge success for my doctors and therapists.”

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The Austrian woman stayed in hospital for 42 days, 4 months on crutches, 2 months in rehabilitation and underwent four different operations. In total, she waited 295 days before returning to the snowy slope for the first time. Her comeback was even more emotional.

“It’s hard to describe in words. I can’t describe it. After the initial diagnosis, when it was said I would be happy to be able to walk again, I am so proud to be able to ski again today. Of course, I still have a long way to go to race” .

In her career so far, Schmidhofer has participated in 156 World Cup races, scoring 12 podiums, of which a third was in first place. In 2017, she became the world champion in Super G. She presented herself in the five circuits three times, most recently in Pyongyang, where she was outside the top 10 in the speed disciplines.

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