January 21, 2022

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Mac Pro 2022 with Apple Silicon May Be Less Upgradable Than Mac Pro 2019

Mac Pro 2022 with Apple Silicon May Be Less Upgradable Than Mac Pro 2019

Apple is gradually moving to its own silicon from Intel. Although the transition is not complete yet, we expect the company to introduce a number of new Apple Silicon Macs. Additionally, we expect Apple to upgrade the Mac Pro later this year with powerful internal hardware. A new analysis has now emerged to reflect that the Mac Pro 2022 will be less upgradeable compared to the Mac Pro 2019. Scroll down to read more details on this topic.

The 2022 Mac Pro could fall behind in innovation opportunities compared to the 2019 model

Apple’s upcoming Mac Pro will be a very powerful device and we can judge it based on how powerful the new M1 Max chip is in the MacBook Pro models. From now on, we can safely assume that the Mac Pro 2022 will be the driving force. However, a new piece of Macworld It means Mac Pro 2022 will be less upgradeable than 2019.

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Benchmark tests last month revealed how Apple’s Silicon chips improve ProRes video compared to the Mac Pro 2019. Macworld notes that integration between Apple’s hardware and its ProRes codec provides more than just faster rendering.

The same speed feature can be used in other aspects of ProRes video editing. Intensive tasks such as noise reduction and stability are usually faster on the M1 Max.

Note that the M1 Max chip in the MacBook Pro loses its advantage over the 2019 Mac Pro when it leaves ProRes. The M1 Max loses out on Mac Pro 2019 in terms of R3D playback as well as export. In this case, Apple will need the raw power, which is talked about in the form of 128 graphic cores. Mac Pro 2019 is designed with better temperature management controls and better modularity compared to 2013 Mac Pro.

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Now Macworld’s Thiago Trevisan is pushing Apple to back down in terms of form factor and ability to innovate the 2022 Mac Pro.

Apple Silicon Mac Pro can eliminate some of these needs with an ultra-powerful GPU and improved software. Temperature concerns are probably unnecessary because Apple Silicon is efficient and a Mac Pro cover will usually allow for better airflow compared to a MacBook Pro. […]

With Apple’s current design of Silicon, which has everything built right into the chip, we’re not sure how Apple would implement such an innovation, and whether it would implement that innovation, which was vital to the needs of current Mac Pro customers. […]

All of this comes at a reasonable price and better power consumption than the Mac Pro 2019. That cheaper starting price can be offset with minimal innovation, leaving you more likely to buy a new device when it’s time to upgrade.

Since everything is soldered to the M1 Max chip, the upgrade space is short. We’re not sure how Apple would approach this aspect if it saw fit to give power users a chance to innovate. While delivering performance may not be much of an issue for many, it can still be an unpleasant proposition for people who want to preserve their hardware for years through upgrades.

That’s it, folks. What do you think of the Mac Pro 2022 and the limited selection of upgrades that could be part of the mix? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.