October 23, 2021

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Luxury, theme park, 18 decks and her own helipad: this is the largest cruise ship in the world, and it also sails to Europe

Luxury, theme park, 18 decks and her own helipad: this is the largest cruise ship in the world, and it also sails to Europe

The waiting time is over. Royal Caribbean has officially revealed the approximate date of the maiden voyage of the world’s largest cruise ship. The giant named Wonder of the Seas has passed trials and will appear on the water in early 2022. Visitors will be greeted with modern technology, ample amenities and of course luxury that not everyone can afford.

company fleet Royal Caribbean So far, it already has 30 cruise ships. The latest addition, which will officially traverse the world’s oceans, has become a colossal extravaganza called The wonders of the seas (Translated as The Miracle of the Seas, author’s note). The vessel, which is 362 meters in length, has passed all the necessary tests at its main port at the French shipyard Saint-Nazaire and is scheduled to launch for the first time in March 2022.

Photo: Royal Caribbean

The ship also completed a test drive of 1,550 nautical miles, which equals 2,870 kilometres. as he knows daily Mail, this distance, to get a more realistic idea, is about half the New York-London route. Screenshots from the tests also show that the engineers and technicians were certainly not afraid to let this machine take over. During the tests, they tried to work with the full power of the ship, which, despite its size, could develop a speed of up to 43 km / h.

The highest waterslide on the sea or an alley of trees is just the beginning

As the largest ship in the world, Royal Caribbean naturally had to work on the facilities, options and attractions that it offers to visitors. A new generation of entertainment and relaxation awaits passengers in an area of ​​64 meters and a height of 18 floors. Of course, there are luxury multi-storey apartments, swimming pools, a top waterslide on a cruise ship, a garden full of real exotic plants and trees, theaters, cinemas, and a wide selection of bars and restaurants. The ship even has its own helipad.

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Photo: Royal Caribbean

There is also a pool area with a real Caribbean inspired bar. “The speed of interest in booking not only this boat is really great. Half of our fleet is floating again and we are encouraged by what we see. Cruises from the USA to Europe are important to our company,” I showed Michael BaileyPresident and CEO of Royal Caribbean International.

“The wonders will shine brightly as the newest wonders of the world in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. What we must offer is the perfect holiday experience that will highlight the best of Royal Caribbean, reintroduce famous favorites and offer new adventures that every guest can enjoy, no matter what. regardless of age,”He rebuilt Bailey’s largest ship.

7000 passengers and tickets at a price that will not satisfy everyone

As mentioned earlier, the basic technical parameters of the ship are 362 meters long, 64 meters wide and 18-storey high. In terms of capacity, the ship will accommodate 6,988 passengers and 2,300 crew members. There will be a choice of 2,867 cabins, including all room categories from the most classic to the most luxurious.

Photo: Royal Caribbean

The ship will be operational from March 2022, with cruises planned only on the Caribbean Sea and the US coast. However, it will later arrive in Europe. In May next year, it will also dock in Barcelona, ​​Rome and Capri. If you are interested in this unique experience, you can check the availability of boarding passes on the company’s official website Royal Caribbean.

Lovers of cruises and adventures will certainly be interested in the prices of their stay at Wonder of the Seas. The cheapest 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise with a cabin without windows or balcony costs one person for €852. The cost of a room with balcony is 1,300 euros, and luxury apartments are 2,860 euros per person.

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