November 30, 2021

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Loss of insurance can mean the end of the business

For more than a year now, entrepreneurs have been plagued by the pandemic and its associated negative effects on their businesses, such as higher material prices or long-term disruptions. However, many don’t realize that until an epidemic cripples a company, missing or incorrectly choosing insurance can destroy it. “heavy firewho will destroy the whole workplace, or damage to the main machinery, which often cost thousands of euros and without which the entrepreneur cannot continue to operate, There are situations that may mean the end of a business or the debts of an uninsured businessman.Tomas Boczek, Director of Property and Liability Insurance at Generali notes.

Unnecessary shipment?

In no case should insurance be taken lightly as an unnecessary expense that can be omitted at any time when optimizing a business, quite the opposite. “Correct choice Insurance will keep the entrepreneur in difficult moments And help him eliminate worriesWhich can happen for a number of reasons – whether they are Damage to property, equipment, intermittent operation or liability, ” Explains Tomasz Boczek.

Property damage is the most common

Almost every third of the damage from commercial insurance occurs on a construction site or on the equipment of the insured factory. “The basis of any business insurance should be insuring the place of business, i.e. the building in which you carry on business, or parts of it, against the most common risks, such as Elements, fire or water leaking from water supply facilities. ”

According to Tomasz Boczek, you must not forget about it Insurance of work equipmentAnd machinery and electronics, A to Also for the risks involved With the negligence of employees at work, the presence of material defects, or the failure of measuring and control devices. I recommend insurance and portable electronic devicesLike laptops, which we cover automatically Throughout Slovakia, not only in the place of insurance, which is a huge advantage given the current situation and use of working from home,” Add.

Missing components and materials

The main problem for many operations is the long-term outage of materials and components, as a result of which some entrepreneurs have had to reduce or temporarily close their production. “The risk of damage to property increases during the period when the process is stopped and there is no one in its premises who can prevent damage, respectively. eliminate its scope. For example in the event of a fire by putting out the fire quickly or by calling the firefighters in time. In the case of a closed operation, bystanders will not notice the fire until it is too late.” Refers to Tomáš Potúček of the Generali.

Reducing responsibility

Damage caused by operating activities or other damage resulting from the responsibility of the entrepreneur They are nothing special. “An entrepreneur is responsible for a number of operations in his activity – from harm caused by its operation, personnel or products, Even Damage caused by improper performance of their profession In the case of the means of road transport, the goods transported are damaged, “ Explains Tomasz Boczek. Liability insurance claims can actually go up to astronomical amounts and definitely not worth underestimating.

The solution for every entrepreneur
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The solution for every entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur should be able to secure their business, whether it is a craftsman, restaurateur, lawyer or road transporter. We know how to insure against any entrepreneurs of a limited liability company, a public limited company, a state-owned enterprise, or a cooperative through several self-employed persons, administrators, and self-employees, as well as self-employed farmers, road transport workers or foundations and associations, He says.

exactly to measure

Immediately Generali . Business Insurance Designed to suit every businessman. Insurance coverage can be arranged easily through a wide range of insurance and co-insurance Exactly what an entrepreneur needs to cover in relation to his business. At the same time, all the insurances taken can be managed separately within one contract, thanks to which the client has a better overview of the individual coverages. “Entrepreneurs can also opt for insurance Franchise, i.e. damage coverage of a higher amountThis could put their operations at risk, leading to lower premiums. The entrepreneur does not have to waive the risk of his choice,” Tomáš Potúček closes from the Generali.

You can find more information about business insurance from Generali at

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