January 21, 2022

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Looking for a last minute gift for a woman?  The case on these two Huawei handsets

Looking for a last minute gift for a woman? The case on these two Huawei handsets

Thinking of a last-minute gift that wouldn’t be as classic as a name mug or coupon? If you’re looking for a practical gift that not only looks good and has the ability to please a mom, sister, girlfriend, or any other lady in your area, Huawei has tips on a couple of its products.

Nice looking and multifunctional watch

We all know that women have an amazing ability to multitask, so there is no doubt that they will appreciate the gift that will be a great helper for them. If something is practical and elegant at the same time, then disappointment can not come. It is the smartwatch from Huawei that embodies these two features and will delight not only lovers of modern technology.

The answer is timeless smartwatches Huawei Watch GT3. The high-quality design ensures first-class materials and the 42mm diameter dial allows the watch to stand out from every woman’s hand. It looks like a stylish modern accessory, but it hides so much more than that.

Source: Huawei

100 modes for training, telephony and sleep monitoring

Since this is a smartwatch, its features are just starting to fall into style. It’s a great indicator of overall health and can even take the place of a coach. It offers more than 100 training modes, an internal workout chart and posture tracking to precisely control your fitness data. In addition, they monitor the state of health, assessing it on the basis of several criteria.

Thanks to the renewed sensors, they can constantly measure heart rate and saturation and monitor sleep quality. An undeniable advantage of smartwatches from Huawei is the possibility of convenient dial-up connectivity, which works easily via a Bluetooth connection. In addition, their operation is not at all a requirement, they last up to 7 days on a single charge. hOffers offer an impressive number of functions and at the same time look stylish, thanks to which it has become a suitable gift for almost all women.

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Unique design headphones

Source: Huawei

If the woman you want to introduce is really important to making sure that every product you use has an original design, then this novelty from Huawei – FreeBuds Lipstick – Black hits. The cover it’s in looks like lipstick and the red headphones inside mimic one of the most popular beauty accessories for many women.

These are wireless headphones which, along with the case, are made of premium grade stainless steel and sparkle at first glance with a glossy surface. The bright red color headphones are light and compatible with any smartphone, be it Android or iOS. Truly improved headphone design FreeBuds Lipstick Adds grace to a timeless fashion accessory.

Source: Huawei
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