January 21, 2022

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London's hospitals are short of staff and the Department of Defense has sent troops to help

London’s hospitals are short of staff and the Department of Defense has sent troops to help

The British Ministry of Defense has sent troops to help hospitals in London, which have been hit by a shortage of workers at a time when cases of the Omigron corona virus are on the rise. The Department of Defense says it has deployed about 40 military doctors and 160 civilians to assist the National Health Service (NHS).

As we work hand in hand to defend the country from Govt-19, men and women in our armed forces have again intervened to support their dedicated NHS colleagues.“That’s what Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace said.”During these epidemics, they have repeatedly demonstrated their importance as driving drivers, administering vaccines or supporting patients in hospitals, and they should be proud to have contributed to this genuine national effort., “Added.

Many employees are sick or isolated

The deployment of troops highlights the impact of the epidemic on the health care system, where many personnel are sick or isolated. On Thursday alone, there were 180,000 infections in the country. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this week that he hoped the country would overcome the epidemic without further restrictions, however he warned that they would face a tough day for Omigran.

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Chand Nagpal, president of the British Medical Association, told Sky News that they had never experienced the absence of such staff. According to him, the health service faces pressure every winter.But I do not think anyone who has worked in the NHS has experienced the absence of their colleagues, and as doctors, nurses and health professionals have to cover up their colleagues, we feel it in real time – this is extra, extraordinary. Tension“.

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They are in talks to help other parts of the country

Hospitals across the UK are reporting “staff shortages”Important events“Postpone further scheduled activities.”This is not normal, so the government must acknowledge that the NHS is under extreme pressure and that, unfortunately, thousands of patients are experiencing the effects of such stress and the lack of staff is the reality of life.“Said Nagpal.” The expert called on health professionals to reduce infections and better protect themselves from the Omigran variant, saying it was important.The government is not waiting to tackle this problem because people are suffering every day“.

Armed forces assistance is currently focused in London, but could be further extended. John Lyle, an aviation commodore, told the BBC that the armed forces were continuing to discuss further assistance to the NHS in other parts of the country.