January 24, 2022

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London wants to be a data power, the EU should be interested

London wants to be a data power, the EU should be interested

  • As the United Kingdom introduces new data protection rules, the EU should be interested.
  • The new law for electronic communications aims to improve access to high-speed networks.
  • Problem in ecosystem services: Protecting one threatens the other.

1. UK introduces new data protection rules, EU should be interested

The British government last week AnnouncedIt plans to end international partnerships in the field of data transfer and to amend the rules on personal data protection.

Priority is given to key stakeholders: International Financial Center in the United States, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Dubai and Colombia. India, Brazil and Indonesia are also important partners.

Why the United Kingdom does this

As a member of the European Union, Britain is subject to the general European rules on data transfer and protection of personal data to third parties. After Brexit, they no longer have to follow them.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. The most famous case is the United States: the European Court of Justice has already struck down two Atlantic data transfer agreements.

The United Kingdom wants to become a “technological superpower” in the field of data.

That is why it should bother the EU

Transferring data between the EU and the UK is currently called an adequate decision: the EU considers the British data protection system to be adequate. If London changes national rules, the Commission may amend this decision.

Britain’s partnership with countries whose privacy rule is not considered adequate by the Union will have the same effect. By transferring data to Britain and then to a third country (US or Australia), strict European rules can be violated. The security status of the personal data of European citizens will be reduced, and British companies in the data sector will gain a competitive advantage over European countries.

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However, this can be detrimental to companies

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